Appointment Management

Appointment Scheduling Has Never Been So Easy

The days of booking appointments via pencil and paper are swiftly becoming obsolete. The advent of the Internet has resulted in more and more companies allowing customers to make and change appointments online. The online system can also contact customers automatically to remind them of upcoming appointments. Gradient offers a cloud-based appointment management system that delivers these perks.

Overview of Gradient Appointment Management

  • No download necessary – requires only an Internet connection.
  • Customers can schedule or change appointments through your website.
  • System can leave customers voicemail or email reminders.
  • Designed for any industry, including contact centers, salons, day cares, and schools.
  • Sends instant updates via email or text to assigned staff members when an appointment is booked or changed.
  • Interactive shared calendar that lets you see daily appointments, assign appointments to the right employee, run reports, and more.
  • Staff members can view appointment history and add notes to a customer’s account.
  • Can be configured to allow or disallow certain features, such as same-day appointments.
  • Handles single- or multi-location organizations.

We house all of your important information on servers in a secure data center, and are available to handle your scheduling needs 24/7.


  • Integrated with Web-based Agent Desktop
  • Appointment Reminder API
  • Auto Callback for Appointment Reminder
  • Personalized Reminder Messages
  • Appointment Change Web API Callbacks
  • Real-time/Daily Appointment Update to Third-party Software
  • Reports