Blended ACD & Advanced Call Routing (ACR)

The Flexible Solution to Your Business and Customer Needs

Modern call centers often have a tough time balancing their business needs with customer demands – Gradient blended ACD and ACR helps you effectively manage both. From a business standpoint, agents can make an unlimited number of outbound sales calls. On the customer side, clients calling in canreceive prompt, efficient service.

Benefits of a blended system:

  • Allows speedy switching of calls, emails, chat, SMS, and social media contacts.
  • Routes customers quickly and capably– pairing them with the most suitable resource.
  • Sets criteria and filtering rules to route and transfer calls based on time of day, agent availability, and customer needs.
  • Handles each call according to priority, in a blended manner.
  • Increases agent productivity and reduces idle time.
  • Provides tools for monitoring each blended queue.

Calls can be routed based on:

  • Agent skills or competency.
  • Agent behavior or past performance.
  • Assigning calls across multiple channels.
  • Routing across multiple ACD systems.
  • Routing calls directly to an expert.


  • Real time High Volume Inbound and Outbound Routing
  • Automatic Call Routing
  • Customizable and Script-based Routing
  • Unlimited and Intelligent Global Queues
  • Wait Time Management
  • Wait Time Announcement
  • Wait Time Prediction
  • Queue Overflow Transfers
  • Real Time Queue Management and Monitoring
  • Statistics and SLA management
  • Time of Day, Day of Week Aware Routing
  • Remote Queue Monitoring APIs
  • Web Compatible ACD Queue
  • Callbacks for Call Drops
  • Notification to Agents
  • High Wait Time Notification for Managers