Increase Your Debt Recovery Rates

A sustainable business relies on revenue to stay afloat. When customers owe you money, it is therefore imperative that you collect. With Gradient collections software, you get a versatile, full-fledged system that simplifies collections and improves agent efficiency.

Advantages of Gradient Collections Software

  • Reduces the lost time and infrastructure demands that occur with a hardware-basedsystem.
  • Allows agents to quickly get the data they need to reach customers and spike their recovery rates.
  • Helps agents communicate effectively with debtors while applying the highest level of business ethics.
  • Increases contact rate by ensuring agents are given calls that relate directly to the debtor.
  • Provides detailed reporting information, so agents can determine the best times to reach certain debtors.
  • Includes worksheets and scripts that agents can use to document and track important debtor information.
  • Lowers infrastructure maintenance costs, which helps keep your contact center in good financial standing.

What’s more, Gradient collections software enables account tracking, scheduling, callbacks, mailing, email, multiple contacts, and regulatory compliance.


  • Outbound Dialer – Message Blasting and Email Blasting
  • Dial Pacing Controller
  • Personalized Messages
  • Text-to-Speech Enabled Messaging
  • Inbound Routing to the Right Collections Agent
  • Quick Account Lookup
  • History Tracking
  • Preview and Predictive Dialing
  • IVR and Online Payment processing
  • Callback Scheduling
  • Alternative Contact Mechanism
  • Integration with Third Party CollectionsSoftware