Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Fundraising Campaign

It can take considerable time and energy to establish a successful fundraising campaign. With Gradient fundraising tools, telemarketing professionals and fundraising organizations – such as clubs, churches, schools and sports organizations – can quickly connect with donors to raise the funds they need.

Overview of Gradient Fundraising Software

  • Reports that let you track performance and results.
  • Helps you quickly jumpstart fundraising campaigns and sales.
  • Puts donors in touch with a qualified agent when they call.
  • Intuitive interface that enables rapid training for volunteers and agents.
  • Makes it easy to reach target customers and accept online payments.
  • Prioritizes contacts in the calling queue.
  • Calls the next phone number on your list and monitors call responses.
  • Promotes teamwork by giving fundraisers one lead at a time.
  • Tracks quality and compliance plus maintains valid fundraising records.

Overall, our software can vastly increase your fundraising outcomes by connecting you with the right donors and prospects.


  • Remote Agent Connectivity for Volunteer Agents
  • Web-based Agent Desktop
  • Mass Outbound Messaging with Personalized Messages
  • Inbound Routing to the Right Fundraising Representative
  • IVR Payment processing
  • Agent Payment Processing (Online and Offline)
  • Batch Payment Processing (Server Side)
  • Easy Setup for New Fundraising Campaigns