Market Research & Surveys

Powerful Survey Tools to Magnify Your Response Rates

Market research is instrumental to predicting what your customers and prospects want. Interviewing people to participate in surveys is the biggest part of this process. Ifyou apply a do-it-yourself interviewing approach, it would likely take you an enormous amount of time to complete. With Gradient market research system, you can cost effectively reach a wider audience in less time.

Gradient market research software allows you to:

  • Jumpstart your market research team and keep them going.
  • Save on infrastructure and technology management costs.
  • Extend your deployment, survey scripting, and project management capabilities.
  • Speak to significantly more people through a predictive dialing system.
  • Save on infrastructure investment and eliminate expensive phone systems.
  • Bypassmanual dialing and busy signals.
  • Increase productivity via centralized questionnaire and a unified platform.
  • Manage high-volume information gathering with little effort.
  • Customize survey tools to fit your business needs.
  • Handle complex survey programs across a range of languages.


  • Auto Dialer with Messaging – Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech
  • Filter Busy Signals and Disconnects
  • Email Blaster with Custom Personalized Message
  • Audio Recording of Customers Opinions and Answers from the IVR
  • DTMF-based Surveys
  • Speech-enabled Surveys (Automatic Speech Detection System)