Payment Gateway

The Secure, Affordable Way to Process Payments

From rising fraud threats to global security measures to payment card industry (PCI) standards, payment processing is a complex and highly regulated function of your contact center. Gradient provides a secure payment gateway that is PCI-compliant and easy to integrate with existing software.

Gradient Payment Gateway helps you resolve typical processing problems, such as:

  • Compliance costs that emerge from new and constantly changing regulations.
  • Lack of real-time insight stemming from insufficient reporting capabilities.
  • Inflexible processing options that restrict organizational change and growth.
  • Damage to your brand and profitability due to unsecure processing.

Our Payment Gateway manages your processing needs on one platform to deliver:

  • A safe and secure processing environment that lowers regulatory costs.
  • Scalability that enables you to meet present and future needs.
  • Encrypted solutions that provide comprehensive fraud protection.
  • A user-friendly system for customers to process or schedule payments.
  • Reports that give real insight into key aspects of your business, such as profitability and buyer behavior.


  • Supports Multiple Vendors
  • Accepts Credit Cards/ Debit Cards / Checks / VISA / MasterCard / Amex and International Cards
  • IVR-Based Automatic Payment Processing
  • Agent Payment Processing (Online)
  • Agent Payment Processing (Offline)
  • End of Day / End of Month (Batch Payment Processing)
  • Reports
  • Failure Notification
  • SMS / Web-based Payment Processing
  • Real-time and Offline Notifications to Third-party Software and Web Services