SMS: Messaging for Contact Center and Mobile Applications

Decrease Phone Costs and Build Customer Relations

In the modern business world, it is more important than ever for contact centers to reduce costs while providing superior customer support. But, contact centers do not always have the financial and technological means to stay competitive. Gradient text messaging solution can help you achieve both ends by improving your level of customer care while lowering the expense of outbound communication.

Customers are increasingly choosing to communicate with contact centers via their mobile phones. Many would prefer to text rather than call, as texting has become a way of life for them. You stand only to gain by adding Gradient SMS to your service offering.

Benefits of Gradient SMS

  • Facilitates rapid response – the informal, direct approach of SMS is perceived as less threatening by the customer.
  • Reduces agent handling time by scheduling and sending payment reminders.
  • Increases debt collections – customers are more likely to comply with SMS requests.
  • Informs customers of special events and promotions, vastly reducing call costs.
  • Delivers a cheap and convenient way to send targeted data and foster customer relationships.

Regardless of the size of your contact center, Gradient SMS module is easy to use and configure.


  • Auto Reply for SMS Messages Received
  • Routing of SMS to Agent Desktop Applications
  • Queuing SMS Messages to ACD Queue
  • Bulk SMS Messaging
  • Tracking of SMS Messages
  • Enhanced SMS Routing Based on DNIS
  • ANI Based on the SMS Message Body
  • SMS Plugin Support for JAVA and .NET
  • SMS Reports