Unified Contact Center Suite

Simplified, Intelligent Inbound/Outbound Capabilities

In today’s challenging business climate, customer-centric organizations must place great emphasis on client satisfaction to secure a competitive edge. Choosing the right technology is vital to this process. Whether your architecture is on-premise or cloud-based, Gradient can provide you with a full-featured, multichannel contact center that is fast, efficient, durable and scalable.

Our contact center software offers state-of-the-art call treatment and routing solutions plus computer telephony integration (CTI) over a simplified IP infrastructure.

Some features of Gradient contact center suite:

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Puts your customers instantly in touch with the right agents.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interacts with customers via a sophisticated automated system.

Multichannel Contact Center

Uses one interface to manage phone, email, chat and video. Inbound and outbound agents can communicate with customers using the preferred method of contact.

Minimum Expected Delay

Predicts expected delay for each skill group.

Longest Available Agent

Chooses the agent who has been available for the longest period of time.

Scripting and CTI Control

Guides agents during calls and provide CTI-based information during the interaction. Delivers customer-specific information to the agent’s screen to facilitate accurate and efficient interactions.

Agent Script Design Application

Allows management to easily create and modify agent applications. Managers do not have to be technical experts to build and modify scripts since the tool provides easy point-and-click options.

Customer Relationship and Workforce Management

Integrates with top CRM and workforce management software.

Management Console

Helps you launch and control inbound, outbound and blended projects.

Advanced Data Management and Reporting

Manage data, create custom reports that reveal how the business can achieve customer satisfaction, and archive data automatically.

In addition to these features, we offer a super reliable platform – with 99.99 percent uptime.