Universal Agent Desktop

Customer Driven and Agent Empowering

Gradient Universal Agent Desktop lets you build processes that are customer driven, rather than system driven. By integrating your existing applications with new customer friendly processes, Agent Desktop improves customer experience while empowering your agents.

If your contact center is struggling to provide outstanding customer support, Gradient Universal Agent Desktop can change that. The software provides you with powerful tools to lower operational costs, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Agent Desktop can help if:

  • Your current applications are not designed to provide the best customer service.
  • Your agents find it difficult to deal with many complex applications.
  • Your customers face long Average Handling Times.
  • You need to lower training time and cost.
  • You want agents to concentrate on delivering optimal service, not on complex system applications.
  • You are looking to decrease After Call Work.

The Gradient Universal Agent Desktop is totally web-based, so agents can work from anywhere in the world!


  • Agent Desktop Support Multiple Contact Sessions
  • Screen Pop-up
  • Account Lookup
  • Data Entry
  • Customizable Screens
  • Screen Designer
  • Database Lookup
  • Web Posting
  • Direct Email Generation
  • Direct SMS
  • Key Stroke Generator to Integrate to Other Applications
  • GUI Elements (Text, Combo Box, Lists, Grids, Images, Checkboxes, etc.)
  • Call Back Scheduling
  • DDE Data Transfer
  • Integration with CRM Systems
  • Call Transfer and Call Panel
  • Easy to Use for Maximum Productivity
  • Web-based Interface for Anywhere Access
  • Mobile Interface