Stay “In-the-Know” with a Feature-Rich Voicemail System

When agents are unavailable, callers need to know that their concerns will be heard. You can put their mind at ease with Gradient voicemail system, which routes callers to voicemails when agents cannot answer the phone. The system is fully customizable and can be easily shapedto meet your business needs.

Gradient Voicemail offers:

Some features of Gradient contact center suite:

Custom greetings

That allow you to customize greetings via our text-to-speech option or by recording your own greeting.

Voicemail transcription

Which automatically transcribes all messages plus includes the message on the caller’s activity list and emails it to your preferred agent.

Voicemail settings

That enable you to establish parameters based on your availability. For example, you can disable voicemail altogether or allow callers to leave voicemails only during certain times.

Voicemail notification

Which sends you alerts of voicemails by email. This option keeps you informed so calls can be returned promptly.

Integrated Agent Desktop

Which includes voicemail management. Agents can view, manage and download voicemails online, whenever they want.

Voicemail assignment

Which allows you to designate specific team members to followup on voicemails.


  • Global- or Campaign-specific Voicemail Boxes for Agents
  • Voice Mailbox Management Interface Integrated with Web-based Agent Desktop
  • Voicemail Notifications: Call, SMS, Email, or Web Post
  • Voicemail Prioritization
  • Voicemail Management Graphical User Interface
  • Reports, such as Metrics on Voicemails Left From the IVR System and Waiting Queue
  • Notification to Third-party Software on Arrival of Voicemails