Web Callback

Timely, Convenient Callback Service

When interested in your products or services, customers generally visit your website for the answers they need. If those answers are not available on your website, they may look around the site for your phone number to call you directly. And, when they call, they might be placed on hold. You can eliminate this hold time with Gradient web callback service.

Our web callback service removes phone call wait times and saves customers from having to search your website for relevant information. All they need to do is fill out a quick form on your website requesting a return phone call from one of your agents.

The form is easy to complete, requiring just a few details, such as first and last name, callback phone number, time of day to call, and a comments section that can speed up the resolution process when agents respond.

The major benefits of Gradient web callback are:

  • Online customers can reach you in no time; contact form is painless to fill out.
  • Allows you to add immediate or scheduled callbacks to multiple phone numbers.
  • Hot sales leads can be called back immediately.
  • Lowers call abandon rates.
  • Website integration into the callback service.


  • Web API
  • Status Checking API / Web Service
  • Reports, such as Callback Requests and History
  • Multiple Callback Numbers
  • Compatible with Microsoft Technologies, Apache, JBoss, PHP and Python
  • Open Standard Allows Integration with Any Platform or Tools You Use