Workforce Management

One Robust Platform for Your Work and Customer Needs

Workforce management is the art of balancing work needs with supporting resources. Without the right technology, mastering this skill can be a highly complicated and cumbersome endeavor. In one integrated platform, Gradient workforce management simplifies your workforce processes while paving the way forremarkable customer service.

Gradient Workforce Management Solutions

  • Schedules and manages staff appropriately. You can, for example, schedule the right number of agents for certain call center campaigns.
  • Correctly anticipates customer demand by considering trends in your historical workload.
  • Includes agents in the scheduling process, thereby boosting employee engagement and accountability.
  • Enhances visibility of agent activity and helps lower labor costs.
  • Has "call/work/wait history" capabilities that let you forecast how many agents are needed in the forthcoming weeks.
  • Picks the fewest number of agents neededto handle multiple campaigns.
  • Minimizes call wait time and increases productivity.

One of the best aspects of our workforce management solutions is that it considers the language skills, work skills and contact channel – such as voice, email or SMS – on both inbound and outbound modules.

Gradient Workforce Management Solutions is an independent software package that can be integrated into your contact center system. A separate license is required for the software.


  • Vacation Planning Tools
  • Multi-site Support
  • Performance-based Scheduling
  • Strategic Planning
  • Real-time Activity Tracking
  • Scalable – No Minimum or Maximum Number of Agents Required