Electronics Solutions

Consumer electronics is an industry where innovation happens at breakneck speeds, necessitating reacting to constantly changing customer demands and needs.
Consumers nowadays have limited patience for things that do not showcase cutting-edge technology or provide a novel experience. Thus, to make better use of products and resources, businesses have begun to integrate forward and reverse supply chains and seamless downstream product movement into the product life cycle.
The demand for both Research and Development (R&D) and Creative Production is rapidly increasing as new products and technology get introduced every day. Mobile sensors and remote actuators, virtual reality headsets and embedded projectors, data-tracking wearables, and smart home appliances necessitate a new perspective on how electronics and users interact.
And this is what Gradient Technologies’ consumer electronics development services can help you achieve.

The Gradient Consumer Electronics Solutions Portfolio

Gradient Technologies can help principal manufacturers and startups add extra features to existing devices or build entirely new ones from the ground up. Gradient uses its full-stack expertise in hardware design, embedded systems development, AR/VR, cellular apps, and network solutions to accomplish this.

Image Processing

Gradient makes use of Machine Learning to find patterns in photos and videos. Gradient allows data to be processed in the cloud while also simulating device capabilities so that gadgets can respond to user demands more quickly. In this regard, Gradient has worked with:

  • Drones (Computer Vision)
  • Printing Gadgets and Equipment
  • Smart Home Safety and Security systems
  • Medical Imaging Solutions

Extended Reality

Gradient’s Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality team can assist you with developing immersive content, fine-tuning its delivery to destination devices, and incorporating contextual data into your goods or services. Gradient prides its hands-on experience in creating:
  • AR manuals and catalogs
  • AR faraway assistance solutions
  • Immersive enjoyment solutions
  • VR games

Vital Signs and Location Monitoring

Gradient Technologies will assist you with collecting data from body and position sensors, processing it in the cloud, enabling smart notifications, and visualizing the data on mobile, desktop, or in a browser. The Vital Signs and Location Monitoring portfolio from Gradient includes:
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Vital Signs Monitors
  • Smart Accessories and Add-ons
  • Pet Tracking Solutions

User Interfaces

Gradient has experience creating user interfaces for both screen-based and non-screen devices. Wearable technologies, native and cross-platform mobile applications, web apps, and desktop software are all covered by Gradient’s domain knowledge, which includes:
  • AR interfaces
  • Graphic HMIs: IoT dashboards, wearables, automotive interfaces
  • Voice Interfaces: Alexa, Google Assistant, custom

Full-Cycle Consumer Electronics Solution Development

The following is a look into Gradient’s full-cycle Consumer Electronics Solution development.
Analog to Digital

If you are thinking about turning a piece of existing equipment into an IoT solution, Gradient can help you add sensors, link them to the Internet, and create a full software ecosystem to make it happen at scale.

App Development

Gradient will enhance your product with embedded software, mobile programs such as iOS, Android, Xamarin, Flutter, and admin dashboards as a full-stack development firm.

Turn-key Initiatives

Hardware and custom software development and assistance with compliance (HIPAA, FDA, GMP, DICOM, HL7) and mass production are all part of Gradient's turn-key electronic design services.

Why Gradient?

Aside from the capabilities mentioned above, the following are more reasons why Gradient Technologies should be your choice for Consumer Electronics Solutions.
Gradient’s Data-based approach will begin with a Discovery phase to analyze the viability of your idea if you are working on an innovative solution. Gradient will use this information to choose the right technology stack and BOM components and create a device structure that allows for future scalability and high overall performance for your company.
Gradient also creates consumer electronics solutions to aid businesses in integrating into the web of factors and, as a result, discovering new sales opportunities. Your business may extend service beyond the point of sale and personalize the customer experience with an IoT solution.


Consumer electronics are always inventing new methods to engage with their users. Modern technologies combine with software products to create breakthrough consumer electronics solutions in the digital era.
The rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has dramatically transformed the landscape of Consumer Electronics Solutions. Consumers today expect businesses to go beyond developing products and deliver solutions that fit their lifestyles, such as current form factors, applications, and cloud services that enhance the user experience.
In this regard, a Gradient is an experienced group of software developers who understand how to take consumer electronic solutions to the next level. Gradient creates consumer electronics solutions to assist businesses in pursuing new income opportunities through the Internet of Things.
Gradient creates Internet of Things solutions and integrates smart sensors into products to transmit data, communicate with one another, and provide major economic benefits. Ultimately, your business may extend service beyond the point of sale and personalize the customer experience with an IoT solution.
Contact Gradient Technologies today and learn more about the Gradient of products and services they offer.