Getting Out of the Four Corners of the Classroom: e-Learning and Education

E-learning is a rapidly rising industry, even before the global pandemic outbreak. But, what is e-learning? E-learning is disseminating information via electronic books, CDs, webinars, and other means. It has transformed the traditional chalk-and-board technique of imparting knowledge to students.
It refers to courses offered primarily over the internet in locations other than the traditional classroom where the teacher teaches. As a result, both teaching and learning become simpler, easier, and more efficient.
Teachers and students are using e-learning technologies to complete their studies from home due to the closure of so many schools worldwide.
However, many schools were already major advocates of digital Education in the classroom and establishing a smooth and adaptable learning experience through digital platforms before the present crisis.
There are various ways that teachers have used e-learning to continue teaching their curriculum. One of the most common methods is to use video communication platforms to create virtual “classrooms” to deliver lessons. The teacher can plan and teach classes as usual, with all students participating from the comfort of their own homes. The beautiful thing about these video communication platforms is that they can be used on both phones and PCs, giving students more options
However, companies wanting to stay afloat or scale must go beyond such means and consider stronger, wider options. Gradient Technologies can broaden a wide range of current online schooling equipment in your target demographics — be it pre-school, K-12, Higher Education, or professional and company training — in this regard. Gradient creates live conferencing systems, company blogs and wikis, discussion boards, overall performance evaluations, racking equipment, and solutions for exchanging notes, among other things.

Gradient’s e-Learning Development Expertise

The following are the four key aspects of e-Learning and how Gradient can accommodate them.

Online Communication Software

Gradient’s team of experts can turn a physical classroom into a virtual one by providing instructional technology for both live or synchronous and self-paced or asynchronous online learning. In line with this, Gradient offers the following products and services:

  • Blogs and Journals
  • Course Wikis
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Online Discussion Boards and Forums
  • Video and Audio Conferencing Solutions
  • And More

Online Assessment and Evaluation Software

Gradient’s software engineers can create reliable online tools and systems for grading, evaluation, attendance, and reporting:

  • Online Rosters and Grading Centers
  • Plagiarism-proof Written Project Submission Systems
  • Rubric-based Peer Assessment Systems
  • Student Development Monitoring Capabilities
  • Teacher feedback paperwork
  • And More

Integrated Productivity Tools

Gradient creates and improves productivity tools and systems to meet the needs of today’s educators, students, and school, college, or university administrators. These tools include:

  • Online calendars with important dates and deadlines
  • Task Management Software for students and instructors
  • Tools for helping teachers make lesson plans

Content Management Systems

Gradient creates instructional content management systems that are user-friendly, simple to implement, and compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These are some of them:

  • Virtual content repository and online publishing
  • Advanced indexing and electronic library control system
  • Intranets and web portals for schools and colleges

Why Gradient?

The available tools to make a course new and exciting are always changing in the fast-paced world of e-learning, and course content can and should be updated promptly to give students the most up-to-date knowledge.
This option is especially true if e-learning training gets offered to employees in a field that requires employees to stay current on industry advancements.
To address that, Gradient offers the following benefits:
Productive e-Learning Environment for Colleges and Universities

Gradient's expertise in establishing a digital, modern environment for hybrid or web-enhanced publications can benefit schools and colleges. Gradient Technologies will also assist in developing cutting-edge online teaching tools that students and teachers will like using, including video chat to enhance classroom meetings, interactive course syllabi, and much more.

Technology Solutions for K-12 Academic Curriculum

With extensive experience in game design, Gradient can create animated learning materials through modern video games and puzzles for students who are just starting to learn. On top of this, Gradient also creates web and mobile solutions for K-12 schools, such as online grade books, readily adjustable course creation tools, advanced assessment tools, and live conferencing capabilities, among other things.

Extensive Support of Professional Training Programs

The Gradient group collaborates with corporate training and education experts to develop a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to meet their needs, including live conferencing, corporate blogs and wikis, discussion boards, performance assessment and tracking tools, feedback exchange tools, and more. Additionally, Gradient creates websites and content management systems that are simple to use and navigate.

Gradient can integrate payment structures into your website and combine them with third-party platforms and social media. Gradient’s software engineering team will take care of any technical tasks so you can focus on higher-value tasks: growing and scaling your company.

For your e-Learning needs and more, Gradient Technologies is the right company to call. Book an appointment with Gradient today!