Digital Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

Gradient Technologies assists customers in designing, integrating, and managing Industry 4.0 solutions that support factory floor automation and back-office operations, maintain equipment uptime, and improve supply chain transparency.

The Importance of Going Digital for Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses undergo a thorough digital revamp of their IT infrastructures and operations to sustain growth, boost profit margins, and reduce energy use.


The following are some of the numbers or variables driving industrial leaders to go digital.

Must-Have Digital Solutions for Industrial Manufacturers

The following are some of the unique healthcare solutions that Gradient offers:


Gradient Technologies experts develop embedded software, online and desktop programs, and mobile apps that assist the control and seamless operation of industrial robots, which work autonomously or in conjunction with humans. The team’s knowledge and expertise in the area of robotics include the following:
  • Robots in warehouses and distribution centers
  • Robots that work together
  • Arms and grippers for robots

Predictive Maintenance

Gradient utilizes Machine Learning to find patterns in data generated by connected machines and heterogeneous IT systems in a company. They also apply these insights to the development of Predictive Maintenance systems, allowing manufacturers to:
  • Increase the uptime of the equipment
  • Save money by avoiding costly repairs
  • Increase the output of production
  • Maintenance expenditures can reduce by up to 95%

Remote Sensing

Gradient Technologies integrates temperature, motion, pressure, and humidity sensors, as well as beacons and video cameras, on equipment and in industrial facilities to enable their customers to track the health of their equipment and inventory in real-time. To accomplish this, they utilize cutting-edge technology such as:
  • Edge computing, cloud computing, and fog computing
  • Data analysis via machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Data visualization via front-end tools
  • Video streaming from a device to a browser

Connected Supply Chain

Gradient Technologies assists manufacturers in tracking goods in real-time, automating warehouse inventories, streamlining transaction processing in distribution centers, and lowering last-mile delivery costs. Team up with Gradient to create:
  • Fleet management solutions like GPS tracking, route optimization, and fuel consumption
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Automated restocking systems
  • Blockchain-based self-executing digital contracts

Green Manufacturing

In addition to the financial benefits, IoT in manufacturing can help to reduce the environmental effects. It can reduce material and energy waste, reduce waste from goods that do not satisfy quality standards, and improve the effectiveness and safety of equipment inspections. Using the IoT, artificial intelligence, and UAVs, Gradient provides climate tech solutions for the following:
  • Energy efficiency
  • More accurate material usage
  • Inspections using drones from afar

On-the-Job Training

Gradient Technologies applies industrial Augmented Reality to assist factory workers in mastering sophisticated equipment, receiving visual directions from technicians, and digitally modifying goods during the design stage.

The following are some of the special features of Gradient’s AR solution pool:

  • Precision in assembly
  • Holograms
  • Remote guidance
  • Manuals for the equipment

Why Gradient?

Gradient Technologies understands the challenging circumstances that the manufacturing industry faces, such as aid constraints, rising manufacturing prices, the pressure to go green, fierce competition, and changing customer expectations.
They take a holistic approach, looking beyond quick fixes that promise fast results. Instead, they create digital manufacturing use cases and design technology systems tailored to the organization and enterprise model.
Gradient Technologies has a strong digital foundation in networking, data collecting, hardware design, smart algorithms, and visualization. This feature opens up the possibility of developing virtual solutions that complement today’s IT architecture, scale efficiently, and keep data secure.

More specifically, Gradient will assist:
Analog to Digital Conversion

Gradient Technologies assist production businesses in uploading connectivity, data processing, and remote management capabilities to analog systems as part of the business IoT services.

Keep Confidential Information Safe

Gradient Technologies' cybersecurity consulting team will assess the IT infrastructure's software and hardware components and implement specific security solutions to prevent clients from cyberattacks on its servers, energy lines, and system.


To successfully measure the service quality provided by one’s staff, one will need a quality assurance system that includes innovative workforce analytics. Gradient Technologies’ quality assurance technologies allow supervisors to precisely monitor performance while also guiding employees in significantly increasing job satisfaction and performance.

Gradient Technologies’ objective is to continue designing and developing technologies that aid enterprises’ efficient operation. Keep in touch with Gradient Technologies to get the most complete and cost-effective solutions for improving the performance and management of various contact centers.