Harnessing the Power of the New “Oil”: Solutions for the Data Storage Industry

The world is currently in a data-driven era. Companies get driven to continue producing, evaluating, storing, and protecting data and, ideally, using it to improve business processes. Unfortunately, most businesses make judgments based on data that is outdated.
Companies still rely on old storage systems not built for such data-intensive workloads, even though they rapidly introduce real-time analytics, machine learning, and IoT technologies.
Gradient Technologies has the experience and resources to help you succeed in any project. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to broaden your storage solution footprint in a new market, bolster your SSD development efforts, or strengthen your R&D efforts in flash memory implementation; Gradient Technologies has got you covered.

What is Data Storage?

It is no mystery that both small businesses and multinational corporations can and do experience IT issues. Thus, the use of storage solutions to protect your users’ and company’s key information. You can also safeguard their historical archive of documents, a crucial aspect of running a business. Moreover, it will assist in guaranteeing that you can restore your files in the event of a severe loss.
For future use, files and documents are digitally stored and kept in a storage system, which data storage is all about. If necessary, storage systems may use electromagnetic, optical, or other media to preserve and restore data. In the case of an unforeseen computer disaster or cyberattack, data storage makes it simple to back up files for safekeeping and speedy recovery.
Physical hard drives, disk drives, USB drives, and virtual cloud storage are all options for data storage. The most crucial thing is that your files are backed up and easily accessible if your computer system fails beyond repair.
Reliability, the robustness of security features, and the cost of implementing and maintaining the infrastructure are some of the most significant considerations for data storage. Browsing through various data storage options and applications will guide you in making the best decision for your company.
In this regard, trust that Gradient Technologies is the best solution.

What Gradient Can Do for You

When it comes to Data Storage solutions, Gradient offers the following products and services:

SSD Storage System Firmware

Gradient develops, implements, and evaluates real-time embedded system firmware for SSD products. Gradient draws on its years of experience working with some of the industry’s most well-known names.

Protocols, Drivers, and Tools

Multiple storage protocols, such as PCIe/NVMe, SATA, eMMC, and SCSI, are well-known to Gradient’s embedded developers and QA engineers. Gradient also creates custom test stands and tools for various testing and quality assurance needs.

NAND Flash Memory

Gradient works with you to figure out how many erasing mechanisms you want, how much error correction you want, and how long you want your NAND flash memory chip to write.

Custom Testing

Gradient has adopted a Continuous Integration (CI) process to speed up firmware development. They collaborate with you to assess your testing requirements and develop a bespoke testing infrastructure that includes test benches, time-triggered testing, and event-triggered testing. Gradient can also create a set of test APIs that can be used across various protocols, allowing for speedier test execution.

What You Can Get from Gradient

In choosing Gradient, you avail your company of the following advantages:
USB and Trusted Flash

Refer to Leef, Sandisk, and other project examples to see how Gradient can help you get hands-on experience with USB-based mass storage devices. Gradient has worked with Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) to ensure that code and data get safeguarded in terms of confidentiality and integrity.

SSD Data Storage

Due to the lack of mechanical parts, solid-state drives that employ integrated circuit assemblies as memory have exploded, although they are not without flaws. Gradient has a deep understanding of these challenges and how to deal with them.

Mobile Data Storage

Mobile memory, according to Gradient, should not be limited. Mobile devices, like phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, can be freed up and expanded using Gradient.

Why Gradient Should be Your Choice

In the realm of storage solutions, Gradient has a unique perspective. Gradient has created dedicated development teams for some of the industry’s top companies in addition to its specific project expertise.
Gradient also recognizes that firmware developers must be skilled in software development to generate better code and improve quality assurance. Good thing, Gradient has a team of experts who can help you get the job done by collaborating on tools.
Gradient, in the end, uses its extensive experience to enable two of today’s most important storage features: speed and reliability. Gradient knows how to deliver on performance, a significant factor in market acceptance.
A solid data storage solution enables you to expand business operations and stay on top of your company’s data and information. Moreover, datasets are safe, and analytics are measurable with the right storage solution.

For your data storage problems, Gradient Technologies is the best solution.