Smart Home Solutions

Gradient’s expert engineers develop innovative smart home solutions that sync and integrate with countless apps and devices. From advanced home automation to improved data security, improved home security, firmware updates, Alexa integrations, and more. All systems are built with intuitive consumer interfaces.

Connected Smart Homes

Smart Lighting

Remote control smart lighting for energy efficiency, vacation security, motion lights, and more. Our solutions include:


Ensure a comfortable temperature year-round while optimizing your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. From heating to air conditioning and ventilating a home or room-by-room or floor-by-floor.

Alexa Controls

Optimize Alexa with our app development services. This empowers homeowners to utilize Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and AWS IoT Core for hands-free smart home management, including:

AI For Smart Homes

We utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence so that smart homes personalize and anticipate actions based on a combination of real-time and historic data. This includes

24/7 Smart Security

Gradient Technologies develops advanced security software and multi-gadget security solutions. This includes connecting CCTVs, smart doorbells, smart locks, and more—all managed through a singular hub.

Full Stack Smart Home

Hardware Design

Gradient Technologies provides comprehensive development of your signature smart home solutions. From PCBs to branded enclosure design, hardware testing, and manufacturing.

Embedded Systems

Our home automation systems are embedded to ensure they seamlessly connect with the cloud, mobile apps, remote controllers, and more.

Custom Apps

Empower homeowners to monitor, manage, and control their smart home gadgets at home or remotely through custom mobile and web apps.

Machine Learning and AI

Thanks to smart image/video analysis and natural language processing (NLP), Gradient develops AI solutions that require little to no setup or supervision.

How Can We Help You?

Overcoming Interoperability

To ensure interoperability with each homeowner’s existing smart home technology, we develop integrated layers, device drivers, APIs, and AI-based middleware. This ensures seamless data transfer between third-party gadgets and web/mobile services.

Custom Home Automation

Our Research and Development team stays on top of the latest advances in smart home technology. This empowers us to build innovative home automation products that stand out from the competition. We optimize our devices with low-grade software and multi-network and connectivity interfaces.