The Future, Today: Entering the New Era of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

In the field of mobility, the world is undergoing extraordinary developments.
Vehicles are becoming completely wireless, altering the experience of the driver and passengers by revolutionizing them into virtual devices. Thus, superior HMIs, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), and a handful of communication protocols are all necessary for today’s vehicles. The key to the Wi-Filament of the automotive industry is partnering with innovative companies.
Gradient Technologies is the ideal organization in this regard.

Know your customer. Build your solutions.

It’s crucial to under stand the end customers and requirements before building automotive  products.
With that in mind, we evaluate the following factors to determine the type of consumer to make more informed choices on automotive electronic solutions.


Innovative elements are no longer considered luxuries in many areas but rather a need for overall road safety. A smart vehicle ecosystem is currently defined as an IoT solution connected to infrastructure, the cloud, and other vehicles.

The question now is whether contemporary technology is worth the investment for you.

Automotive Providers

You will be struggling to reclaim your position as a top-tier provider of services and solutions in the sector. On the other hand, cutting-edge developments can open up new business options. Expanding competencies in mobility and connectivity, according to market estimates, may strengthen your industry position.


Automotive Startup

Trends, analytics, and projections can help you choose the right enterprise version to take, whether you are dreaming of a successful exit or the growth and development of your company.

Software Program Organizations

Because of the complexity of connected cars, a shift to centralized electronic architecture has occurred. These trends emphasize the need for third-party software development. With that, you will have access to the most current devices, which is especially useful if you are new to the automobile business and searching for your interest across mobile products.

Other Agencies

The latest technological advances work hand in hand with competitive services and solutions. As a result, technological advancements support your success.

The Internet of Automotives: How Automobiles Pass Digital

Motors can now provide mobility as a service, self-reliant skills, operate in a connected and digitized world, and have an electric drivetrain. Furthermore, it is likely to operate well in the not-so-distant future.
Autonomous Vehicle Fleet
Connected Vehicle Market Size
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market Size
V2X Market Increase

Putting Automotive Solutions Front and Center

The following are the next-in-line Automotive Solutions and how Gradient complements them.

ADAS Software Program and Hardware

Superior motive force aids ADAS boom protection by forecasting various road conditions. In line with this, Gradient allows you to develop in-house expertise in ADAS solutions.
Integrating real-time data from cameras, maps, sensors, and wireless technologies can improve navigation, routing, and road conditions forecasting. With Gradient, ML algorithms are now available to assist in aggregating and analyzing records.

Navigation and Infotainment Solutions

Gradient allows you to create solutions that improve navigation, comfort, and entertainment.
Gradient communicates inside and outside the vehicle via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile, V2X, M2M, Android auto, and Apple automotivePlay technology. Gradient Technologies will assist you in overcoming electric, mechanical, and software protocols and interface compatibility issues while bearing on units.

Vehicle-to-Everything Systems

V2X (Automobile-to-Everything) communication allows automobiles to connect with infrastructure, the cloud, and other vehicles. Automotives can comprehend their surroundings, thanks to reputation sensors like cameras and radars.
Gradient provides smooth V2X connectivity and joins structures to the cloud and cellular devices using an extension of verbal exchange technology — DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communications), Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile, Android car, and Apple automotivePlay. Gradient’s team of professionals guarantees that electrical manipulators are connected correctly.

Why Gradient?

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, Gradient is the provider of choice for the following reasons:
Complete-Stack Crew

Gradient can build a custom automobile solution from the ground up or apply any know-how to your project, whether hardware design, embedded machine, net, cell, cloud, or quality assurance.

Relevant Abilities

Gradient creates camera modules and machine boards, implements computer vision and deep learning algorithms, integrates sensors and connects to the cloud, and optimizes GPU and CPU performance, among other things.


Gradient has a thorough awareness of the standards for electric and self-driving cars and can offer the highest possible physiological and statistical protection. Moreover, Gradient is ISO 26262, SAE J3061, ISO/PAS 21448, ISO 11452-2, CISPR 25, AEC-Q100, and AEC-Q200 compliant.

Gradient Technologies, founded in 2010, is a technology pioneer that provides a wide spectrum of clients with new products, solutions, and services. Gradient works relentlessly to design and build products that improve operational efficiency by remaining client-focused, adaptive to change, and results-oriented.