Embracing Modernity: Digital Solutions for the Industry

Technology has redefined the rules for approaching digitization projects, and the lessons learned may be applied to any company that must adhere to stringent standards and processes across multiple areas.
The construction industry has been sluggish to embrace digital technologies with that out of the way. However, the growth of digital products and robotic solutions and increased safety concerns have prompted builders to adopt more technology-based solutions during the last ten years.
Even after establishing the benefits of this strategy, many decision-makers still view innovation as a luxury rather than a necessary tool for business growth. Several top-level managers and executives devote efforts to improving business operations rather than fostering innovation, putting long-term productivity at risk.
This article aims to change this line of thinking.
Gradient collaborates with Engineering and Creation (E&C) teams to reduce equipment wear and tear while digitizing workflows. Gradient does this by re-platforming antiquated returned-office systems, automating site inspections with drones, and analyzing data gathered from construction gadget sensors to avoid downtime.

The Importance of Going Digital

Only a few construction businesses have fully digitized their operations outside of major projects. However, this is also true across industries. Digital changes frequently fall short of expectations, according to businesses across all sectors.
Uncertain definitions of what digital means, a hazy concept of what the transformation should achieve, and a lack of integration of digital technologies with business processes are all common obstacles that result in the rejection of digitization.
Because of limited R&D funds, ineffective information flow, vulnerable mission supervision, and the unique nature of creation locations, the development industry, in specific, has been sluggish to adopt new technology.
As a result, E&C agencies are missing out on an opportunity to complete projects faster, ensure a safer operating environment, comply with corporate norms, reduce operational costs, and enhance waste management techniques by not imposing specific hardware and software solutions at scale.
Moreover, failure to adopt new technology means failure to enjoy the following benefits
Faster Project Completion
Productivity Gains
Cost Savings
Revenue Growth

The Marriage of Innovation and Creation

The following are ways to integrate innovation into the E&C industry and how Gradient can help.

Collaboration and Deliver Chain Management

Your company may move traditional IT systems to the cloud and provide consistent access to the data they contain to manage construction projects with numerous subcontractors, providers, and customers. When you work with Gradient, you will be able to:

  • Combine business applications such as Digital Asset Management (DAM), eProcurement, accounting, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Legacy software can be re-platformed and moved to the cloud.
  • The internet, computer devices, cellular phones, and wearable apps provide access to important records anytime, anywhere.

Equipment Maintenance

Gradient equips production vehicles and heavy machinery with bespoke sensors to predict equipment breakdown and optimize fleet operations. Gradient uses comfortable connectivity protocols to send sensor data for analysis and display to the cloud. The Gradient team will help you with:

  • Develops end-to-end sensor data storage and analytics solutions using IoT cloud platforms such as AWS IoT Greengrass and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.
  • Gather knowledge about methods for predictive maintenance, education, and enforcement devices.
  • Make sense of historical and real-time data using IoT dashboards, BI software, and HMIs

Construction Site Inspections

E&C companies are increasingly using drones to develop maps of construction sites and track progress remotely. Gradient will design a complete software program environment, including embedded apps, cloud infrastructure, and cell programs, to support the logic of your drone inspection solution. Gradient’s expertise includes the following:

  • Computer innovation and prediction
  • 3D Version Visualization and Augmented Reality Photo Labeling
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud BI equipment for dynamic reporting

Why Gradient?

Gradient, led by a team of highly innovative thinkers, continues to forge new paths year after year, including the E&C market. Gradient provides you and your company with the following benefits:

Engaging Workers in Digital Construction

Gradient creates Augmented and Digital Reality solutions such as remote steering systems, AR-based device manuals, and programs that project building plans onto construction drawings.

Preventing Accidents on Site

Gradient is the one-stop-shop for E&C firms looking to improve the security of their development web pages. Gradient will help you design digital solutions, such as wearable devices and sensors, in-vehicle cameras, and radar systems that allow construction workers to regulate potentially hazardous circumstances.

To summarize, digitization and digital tools provide firms with tremendous potential to improve their operations and profitability significantly. As a result, businesses must begin to explore adopting a more technological approach to their operations to modernize and improve the industry’s overall performance.

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