Digital Solutions for Media and Entertainment

When developing virtual media and entertainment solutions, one will need a development partner who understands how to provide high-bandwidth content on a global scale.

Gradient Technologies has collaborated with a handful of the industry’s most well-known community and content delivery companies to develop hardware, firmware, and software solutions. They also understand how to complete the extremely difficult duties using a slew of operational models that incorporate intricate dispensing groupings.

The Importance of
Going Digital for Media
and Entertainment

Improved customer service, more tailored offerings, and advanced network quality are the most critical levers available to telecoms, media companies, production studios, and other media and entertainment organizations.

Households and individual consumers are ditching cable in favor of cloud-based video platforms. Players focus on smooth, high-quality experiences, secure video, data distribution, and innovative audio technology prevailing in this market.


Below are some statistics that digital solutions for media and
entertainment providers should understand.
Streaming Video

69% of respondents have at least one subscription to a streaming video service.

Number of Services

A typical US consumer has three streaming subscriptions.

Industry Volume

In 2027, the video streaming market is estimated to generate $184.27 billion in sales.

Why Gradient?

Led by a team of extremely creative individuals, Gradient continues to navigate uncharted waters year after year, adding next-generation goods to its growing range of products, such as phone fraud detection and mobile and healthcare devices. They are also excellent advisors with a track record of assisting businesses in making and extracting profitable, innovative

Gradient Technologies knows how to turn deep technological experience and business process understanding into high-value customer interaction solutions. Moreover, they create solutions that promote increased operational efficiency and a differentiated, more competitive customer experience by integrating technology innovation, call center consulting skills, and business process expertise with a proven project methodology.

Digital Asset Management

Gradient Technologies helps teams throughout the world label digital assets and distribute them via secure and accessible entry to a DAM warehouse. To aggregate and manage data from many sources, its engineers link solutions with third-party systems such as CRM, ERP, and others.

Gradient’s areas of competence include the following:
  • Systems for custom Digital Asset Management or DAM, Brand Asset Management or BAM, Production Asset Management or PAM, and Media Asset Management or MAM.
  • Image or video labeling solutions, and adaptive linking and cataloging tools
  • Modules for access control
  • Software for digital rights management (DRM)
  • Software for version control and audit trails
  • Services for a DAM integration

Voice over IP or VoIP and Video Conferencing

Gradient Technologies’ WebRTC services provide real-time Peer2Peer and multi-party audio or video exchanges for its clients. Additional capabilities such as video and or audio mixing, multiple access control, recording, analytics, and media manipulation get added to
these interactions.

Other VoIP and video conferencing services offered include:
  • Apps for video and voice messaging
  • Solutions for conference spaces
  • Web-based event management software
  • Classrooms on the internet
  • Solutions for one-on-one and group video chat
  • Voice over IP and SIP or Session Initiation Protocol phone services with video calling
  • Animated filters and custom filters

Digital Signage

Gradient Technologies’ expertise provides complete digital media management, publishing, and playback solutions for networked digital displays. Customers can expect different media formats, customized screen options, and high-quality audio and video output from their answers. The clients’ solutions benefit from their expertise in video coding, including H.264, H.265, and MPEG formats, which improves video compression speed.

Other digital signage services offered include:
  • Solutions for custom digital signage software
  • Digital Advertising Networks or DAN, content libraries, and third-party software integrations
  • LED arrays, LCD panels, DLP cubes, dynamic navigation, information and management, environmental sensor integration, and other digital signage applications
  • Available interactive display services with touch screens and motion sensors

Video Creation and Distribution

At Gradient Technologies, they assist media companies in developing, producing, and distributing content for television and the internet, engaging viewers and reaching new audiences more efficiently and easily than ever before. These experts ensure high-quality video gets delivered to various platforms, on any device, and from anywhere in the world.

Gradient Technologies offer the following:
  • Platforms for VOD and live streaming
  • Apps for the secondary display
  • Portals for the media
  • Apps for main platforms such as Samsung, Android TV, LG, and Sony, and set-top boxes like Apple TV, Google TV, and Roku
  • Solutions that work across several platforms
  • Models with several CDNs
  • App development for OTT and IPTV


Gradient Technologies’ mission is to continue designing and developing technologies that help businesses run more efficiently. They plan to do so by remaining client-focused, change-adjustable, and outcome-oriented.
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