Digital Solutions for the
Oil and Gasoline Industry

Due to low oil prices and excessive volatility, the oil and gas
industry faces a difficult climate.

Oil and gas firms must now enhance their efficiency to remain profitable more than ever. At the same time, businesses must adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations. In this regard, digital solutions are key instruments that can help develop and retain a significant competitive advantage in such a demanding climate.
The importance of digital technologies is growing. They enable companies to operate in a remote mode for many employees. This effort reduces the number of employees in the field and processing plants, even to the point of creating deserted production facilities, to protect people’s health while lowering production costs and increasing flexibility in responding to market challenges.

Various industries are adopting technology to alter their operational landscape and reap the benefits of enhanced productivity, efficiency, and cost savings. Notably, the oil and gas industry is no stranger to this, and it is on its way to becoming digitally mature.
Companies should, however, carefully select the most effective digital technologies and solutions for these reasons in the face of declining revenues and corporate budget cutbacks.

Gradient uses its expertise in IIoT, AR/VR, Machine Learning, algorithmic data processing, and visualization to assist companies in the Oil and Gas industry transition from a historically-based analog approach to a more manageable and efficient practice secured by advanced practice digital technologies.

The Importance of Going Digital for the Oil and Gas Industry

First and foremost, better data utilization, increased transparency in supply chain collaboration, better control of operational operations, and complete compliance with changing emission and workplace safety requirements are all benefits of digitalization. In addition to these benefits, the following expected results of employing a digital oil and gas solution:
In addition to these benefits, the following expected results of employing a digital oil and gas solution:
Actioning Data
Increased Productivity
Safer and More Secure Work Environment
Environmental Benefits

The Gradient Oil and Gas Digital Solutions Portfolio

The following are some of Gradient’s solutions in digitizing Oil and Gas businesses.

AR and VR-driven Training and Remote Assistance Solutions

Gradient Technologies helps teams throughout the world label digital assets and distribute them via secure and accessible entry to a DAM warehouse. To aggregate and manage data from many sources, its engineers link solutions with third-party systems such as CRM, ERP,
and others.

Gradient’s areas of competence include the following:

Data Gathering, Analysis, and

Gradient develops systems that track real-time equipment wear and tear, anticipate peak performance, failure, and part replacements, and visualize processed data for real-time decision-making. For this purpose, Gradient performs and provides the following services:

  • AR/VR Visualization Apps
  • Data Collection and Storage Systems
  • Data Visualization through Dashboards and Reports
  • Machine Learning-driven Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions

Health, Safety, and Environmental

Gradient creates digital solutions that make the workplace safer, healthier, and compliant with industry laws. Gradient provides the experience you need to examine offshore rigs for abnormalities, monitor working conditions for health and safety compliance, and manage pollution levels at production sites.

Multi-Party Collaboration and

Gradient has the expertise to create collaboration systems that enable more transparent supplier and vendor management, improved regulatory compliance, and more manageable project delivery. As a result, Gradient provides the following services:
  • AI-enabled enterprise intelligent search platform
  • Blockchain-driven contract management systems
  • Collaboration platform
  • Custom document management and sharing systems
  • Custom document management and sharing systems
  • Team management solutions built around a Responsibility Matrix (RACI)
  • And More

Green Solutions

In the oil and gas industry, green technology aids corporations in reducing their environmental effect. Gradient provides the following services in this regard:
  • Prediction systems with Artificial Intelligence
  • Systems for Data Collection and Storage
  • Data Visualization Front-end Tools
  • Real-time Monitoring Systems for Equipment

Why Gradient?

Aside from the wealth of products and services that Gradient offers, here are some more reasons why Gradient should be the company of choice in terms of providing digital solutions:
Full-stack Competencies

Gradient is a one-stop-shop that develops drivers and firmware, designs and produces embedded devices, and implements online, desktop, and mobile apps.

ML Capabilities

Gradient has extensive Machine Learning experience, allowing it to provide solutions that include Machine Learning-powered forecasts, speech recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP), face and object recognition, and wearables with motion pattern recognition.

AR and VR Expertise

Face recognition and object detection solutions, real-time information overlays for digital photos and video, and commercial and mobile gaming apps linked with AR/VR devices are all available from Gradient.


Technology has quickly progressed from a legacy enabler to a game-changer. Digitalization necessitates the establishment of a single information space within a corporation. Ultimately, Oil and Gas companies can overcome today’s obstacles and become tomorrow’s frontrunners by implementing big data, machine learning, and predictive technology. In choosing the right tech provider, trust that Gradient Technologies will deliver.