Technology for All: Pet Tech Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically changed people’s lives and interactions with one another. However, it has not just benefited humans; the lives of everyone’s beloved pets have also improved significantly. IoT has opened up new potential to improve the quality of life for pets, from animal health apps and activity trackers to monitoring cameras and even ordinary toys.
The expanding pet tech market is exciting for aspiring pet care entrepreneurs and established manufacturers looking to break into a new market. Gradient’s hardware and software program expertise aids such agencies in establishing a market presence and outpacing the competition in this regard. This expertise allows Gradient to create top-tier smart pet toys and expand the interconnected environment that surrounds them.

The Booming Pet Tech Industry

Tech giants have taken the pet-care sector for a good reason. The pet industry is booming as more people bring pets into their homes and spend more money on their health and well-being.
Pet owners are spending increasing money on fitness tracking devices, location tracking devices, and veterinary telemedicine. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend and given birth to ground-breaking Pet IoT devices.

Putting Pet Tech Solutions under the Spotlight

The Pet tech industry undoubtedly provides more than ideal solutions to pet owners. Here are some of the most important pet tech solutions and how Gradient Technologies complements them.

Smart Hardware Development

Gradient assists pet tech companies in turning their concepts and ideas into ready-to-use solutions that match market demands. Gradient’s team of experts offers full-cycle enhancement services, including everything from theory through sample manufacturing, seamless over-the-air upgrades, and mass-production support.

Embedded Solutions for the Pet Tech Environment

Gradient offers comprehensive IoT-based holistic solutions for connecting and integrating all Pet Tech components – including gadgets, location-based services, AI-enabled capability, and more – and making them available through a single central control point.

  • Wireless network connectivity, pet wearable cameras, and video recording get included in safety and location systems.
  • GPS, BLE, and RFID technology get used with integrating an embedded GPS real-time location system and tags.
  • For positive reinforcement, smart pet toys use light, music, and treat delivery.
  • Pet sitting software, pet rescue and adoption solutions, dog-walking apps, and other full-scale pet systems.

Veterinary Telehealth

Gradient’s expert team of software engineers design bespoke online and mobile telemedicine platform solutions for veterinary clinics and their clients – pet owners – with hands-on experience in telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Gradient understands how to offer convenient and comfortable remote pet monitoring, securely store veterinary medical records, automate veterinary practice management operations, and provide smooth communication between a pet owner and a practitioner, allowing them to focus on the following:

  • Development of veterinary telemedicine software that includes an online appointment system, reminders, and patient communication.
  • Automation of Workflow Management: appointment and scheduling management, storage of clinical trial and diagnostic results, and adherence to data security standards.
  • Development of mHealth applications for pets.

Why Gradient?

In the Pet IoT market, both new businesses and established tech enterprises have an equal chance of success. With its extensive experience developing smart IoT hardware and software for pets, Gradient Technologies has become a dependable tech partner in this area, making this chance for success a reality.
Gradient can help you design, develop, and integrate smart ecosystem solutions that are fully connected. On top of this, Gradient has strong analytical capabilities that will assist you in gaining actionable information and delivering high-demand smart pet tech products.
Pet recognition, Pet Tech devices, AI-powered laser toys, preventive veterinary telemedicine, and other areas of interest in Pet Tech solutions may all benefit from big data and AI. Gradient’s team of experts can examine your business and decide which use cases will yield the best return on investment.
Moreover, Gradient can assist you in determining the optimal strategic direction and what new technology will drive profitability and help you acquire market share. Once you partner with a skilled AI team, you will discover the ideal strategy to integrate smart solutions into your Pet IoT project.


IoT solutions for pets have raised the bar for pet ownership to new heights. The demand for pet tech solutions is growing all the time. So, it is no wonder that startups and developing firms have expanded their options for entering the market, so it is no wonder that it will become the IoT industry’s future.
Gradient is ready to assist you in working on pet solution development. Gradient can advise, create, analyze, and maintain your pet tech product, leaving you with nothing to focus on but the growth and development of your business.
Contact Gradient Technologies today for more information.