The Customer is Always Right: Solutions for Digital Retail

Customers get drawn to shopping experiences that allow them to purchase in the most convenient ways, making way for the continuous evolution of the retail environment. Companies must devise novel ways to provide a digitally connected shopping experience to boost retail sales.
With digital solutions, customer demands get better understood, including real-time personalization, targeted loyalty rewards and benefits, and hybrid shopping journeys. They assist retailers in ensuring customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, and increasing efficiency.
Retailers have shown in recent months that if they are ready to defy tradition, they can learn and adapt quickly and seamlessly. In this regard, partnering with a competent digital solutions provider is one way to ensure that your retail company is more robust, resilient, and sure-footed in the long haul.
Gradient Technologies is the go-to technology partner for retailers hurt by eCommerce since they have full-stack improvement capabilities on hand. They can help you automate inventory, avoid stock-outs, and develop long-term client relationships to ensure a stable and scalable business for the years to come.

The Importance of Going Digital for Retailers

The retail business has faced numerous issues in recent years, including growing supply chain complexity, rising demand for online and multichannel shopping experiences, a scarcity of qualified people, and fast-changing customer tastes and preferences, to mention a few.
The pandemic exacerbated all of these problems, pushing some retailers to close their doors and leaving others to reassess the best approach to move forward effectively and sustainably. One thing remains constant throughout it all: retailers can no longer afford to be this ill-equipped; hence, it is important to go digital.
Changes in customer behavior are driving the digital revolution in retail. Consumers now conduct product research and read online reviews before making a purchase. A consumer expects to pay with their preferred method and redeem digital coupons in a store. Moreover, your customer will almost certainly discuss their purchasing experience on social media after making a purchase.
As a result, a brick-and-mortar company must provide a smooth and personalized purchasing experience across many touchpoints to keep digital customers. These touchpoints include:

Smart Retail Solutions for your Company’s Digital Transformation

In today’s modern world, a customer’s first impression frequently gets based on your online presence. Increased automation can help you reduce operational costs while increasing loyalty and differentiating your brand.
Here are some of the must-haves for Retail Solutions, along with how Gradient can help you achieve them.

Digital Signage

Retailers can employ custom retail digital signage solutions to deliver promotional content to customers and improve in-store navigation. Collaborate with Gradient to make:

  • Multimedia Streaming Solutions for Digital Displays
  • Content Management for Digital Signs supported by Mobile and Web Apps
  • Digital Signage with Augmented Reality capabilities

Proximity Advertising

Another must-have digital solution is the ability to send proximity notifications to your customers’ smartphones to keep them engaged and increase revenue. Gradient can help you create location-aware solutions using GPS, NFC, BLE beacons, and QR codes in this regard.

  • Multimedia Streaming Solutions for Digital Displays
  • Content Management for Digital Signs supported by Mobile and Web Apps
  • Digital Signage with Augmented Reality capabilities

Inventory Management

Retailers should keep an eye on inventory placement, availability, and storage conditions to ensure that supply matches demand and shrinkage gets minimized. Gradient will assist you in collecting inventory data using sensors such as temperature, humidity, motion, RFID tags, and beacons. The Inventory Management Solutions offered by Gradient include:

  • ERP, CRM, and WMS systems that are all integrated with Inventory Management Software.
  • Predictive Analytics powered by Machine Learning and based on historical and real-time sales data.
  • Inventory tracking systems based on RFID and beacons.

Why Gradient?

With more than a decade of showcasing expertise across industries, Gradient remains to be the company of choice in providing digital solutions, specifically for the retail sector, and for a good reason.
First, Gradient digitalizes customer loyalty programs, addressing what 95% of your loyalty program members want. Gradient’s mobile development team builds native and cross-platform customer loyalty apps with multi-level rewards systems, social features, live chat functionality, and chatbots.
Gradient will also help you enhance your in-store consumer experience using Augmented Reality, in addition to beacons and digital signage. To achieve this, Gradient creates marker-based catalog apps, augmented reality navigation systems that drive foot traffic to your store, and virtual try-on solutions.


The greatest method to engage with your customers is in their preferred site and process. In one sweep, innovative digital solutions help merchants attract customers, increase revenue, and improve productivity.
Ultimately, Gradient Technologies will assist you in implementing the appropriate technology to achieve your objectives, including increasing sales or enhancing order management.