Services for Application Upkeep and Support

At Gradient Technologies, the client care department can help to scale existing tasks similarly, impose new functionalities, or upgrade existing code with modern technology. Moreover, its utility upkeep and support services get designed to help clients get the most out of their solution.

What We Do at Gradient Technologies

Three primary stages are offered at Gradient Technologies. These stages have their differences, further discussed below.

Stage 1 Support

To ensure that we can respond quickly to first notifications, the Stage 1 support engineers keep a careful eye on them. If a problem arises, such as poor network quality, program stability, or other concerns, the team will investigate the situation and identify the best course of action.

What are the covered services of Stage 1 support?
Moreover, the Stage 1 engineers will raise complaints to Stage 2 or Stage 3 support if needed.

Stage 2 Support

In Stage 2 support, Gradient Technologies’ engineers would restore the system as soon as possible if the problem does not necessitate changes to the source code.

The Stage 2 engineers get expected to do the following steps:
You will address the support request to a Stage 3 engineer if faults in the source code cause the system problem.

Stage 3 Support

Our Stage 3 engineers will expertly troubleshoot complex technological concerns. These concerns include the following:

What do the Clients Get in Return?

After discussing what we do at Gradient Technologies, one may ask what they can get in return. Here is a list and a brief discussion on what clients can enjoy in the end after seeking help from our teams.

The support engineers of Gradient Technologies offer a personalized approach and a variety of engagement models that may be tailored to a company's needs and budgetary constraints, thanks to the multi-faceted capabilities of the customer care team.


Gradient Technologies' team strives to provide excellent customer service on a larger scale. To deliver easily scalable and adjustable solutions, Gradient Technologies uses its Compliance Matrix and Service Level Agreements to deliver easily scalable and flexible solutions.

Management of Incidents are Fast and Smooth

At Gradient Technologies, we assist you in preparing the business for unforeseen outages by resolving them as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition in resuming normal operations.

Monitoring in the Long Term

One may gain a comprehensive perspective of the networks, apps, and security architecture before vulnerabilities develop by using Gradient Technologies' software maintenance and support services.

How can Gradient Technologies be of Help ?

Even with the facts discussed above, one may still ask how the Gradient Technologies’ team can help. Here is the answer.

End-to-end Testing

Any technology solution, including hardware, software, applications, and the Internet of Things, may be evaluated using Gradient Technologies’ one-stop-shop.

Maintenance and Support for Software After it is Released

To ensure that the solution is secure, fault-free, and speedy, Gradient Technologies provides application maintenance and support services. While enabling constant improvement and consistency of UX, our team assists clients in increasing adaptability and simplifying support and maintenance for software development projects.

Gradient Technologies typically use an Atlassian JIRA-based Help Desk system to set priorities. The company also excels at correcting document and routing support issues. Moreover, the application maintenance and support team may utilize the Help Desk to swiftly reply to user inquiries, track the status of each task, share feedback, and keep track of the actions taken on each complaint.


The client service department at Gradient Technologies is happy to guide when scaling existing tasks, imposing new functionality, or upgrading existing code. Furthermore, they ensure that their clients’ needs are addressed and met smoothly, minimizing time and effort consumption. This feature also makes room for more improvements and improved performance.
At Gradient Technologies, clients get assured of the following:

With every emergency that one will need to address, Gradient Technologies is always available and can offer the appropriate solutions. What are you waiting for? You certainly don’t want to find yourself up the digital river without a paddle if there is an emergency at your business. So, get in touch now to make the best out of their services.