The Right Back-End Development Services For You

Technology is multi-faceted. Every day, innovations are becoming available that can help your business succeed. However, it can be exceptionally difficult to keep up with them all, never mind understanding them.
Nevertheless, due to this emerging technology, the field of business evolves faster than ever. And because of this fast evolution, you need to keep up with the changes and challenges that come with it. Therefore, you need a back-end development service that can do it all.
Fortunately, Gradient Technologies ensures that its client’s interests and needs are their top priority.
The expert teams at Gradient Technologies can create flexible on-premise and cloud-based back-end solutions that adapt to your changing business demands. They cover everything, including mobile, web, desktop, and IoT systems.

What is a Back-end?

Server-side development is another name for back-end development. It is everything hidden from the user’s view, and it is what happens behind the scenes while users are doing something on a website. Databases, back-end logic, APIs, and servers are the main focus areas of back-end development.
A website’s back-end gets created by servers, apps, and databases. Back-end developers write code that allows browsers to communicate with databases, store data, read data from them, update the data, and delete data or information from them.

What Gradient Technologies Offers

When it comes to Back-end Development Services, Gradient Technologies cover the following. Here is a more detailed discussion of the back-end development services that Gradient covers.

Back-end Application Development

Developing robust, fault-tolerant back-ends for enterprise systems, sophisticated online applications, Internet of Things or IoT infrastructure, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP solutions, and web portals, to mention a few, are just a few of Gradient Technologies’ back-end web development services. Moreover, Gradient’s teams of experts can also assist the clients with merging third-party apps and services into an existing system.

Mobile Application Back-end

Back-ends for corporate mobile applications, smart gadgets and accessories, multimedia dispersing mobile solutions, mobile messengers, social networks, and more are some of the things experts at Gradient Technologies build for its clientele.

The back-end development team will handle the server and business logic of the client’s project. By creating a strong back-end, Gradient’s experts can ensure that the clients get assured that all relevant data gets accurately synchronized across numerous platforms and operating systems. It will scale up and down as needed, execute quickly, effortlessly interface with third-party services, and store corporate data securely and dependably.

Cloud Infrastructure, Migration to Cloud,
and Solutionst

Gradient Technologies’ teams develop back-end solutions with flexible computing resources that allow the client’s system to grow automatically with the industry’s leading cloud platforms. Gradient’s teams of experts can also assist clients in migrating their existing back-end systems to open, private, or mixed cloud platforms.

Technical Back-end Audit

Gradient’s expert teams can undertake a full back-end audit, discover inefficiencies, and overhaul its client’s existing infrastructure, design, coding, and data structures. This feature helps the business optimize the existing application or convert a traditional system to a new environment, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

Internet of Things or IoT Back-end

Gradient Technologies creates Internet of Things or IoT back-end platforms that can add functionality that allows the client to manage the IoT network, optimize processes, and synchronize the entire IoT system and business operations more efficiently and effectively.

In addition to capturing various heterogeneous sensor data from connected devices or industrial equipment detectors, Gradient Technologies’ back-end solutions will allow users to input these data into the system, produce statistical data, and much more.

What You Can Get from Gradient

When considering availing of Gradient Technologies’ back-end development services, it is inevitable to think about what one can get in return. Well, think no further as here is the answer to that question.

Advanced and Efficient Technology

At Gradient Technologies, teams only use powerful, combat-tested technologies and perform constant architecture and tech modification in conjunction with load testing to ensure that each solution’s back-end development runs smoothly.

End-to-end Security

Gradient Technologies’ back-end solutions are protected with the most secure methods, both in-transit and at-rest data protection. Moreover, with these solutions, clients are assured that they can safely transport data across various systems or programs with heterogeneous components.


At Gradient Technologies, teams of experts create scalable back-end solutions. These solutions will greatly help adapt to the client’s company’s needs.
As time changes, people adapt and change their needs and demands. For any business to thrive and keep growing, it should adapt, especially its system. One great way of keeping up is making sure that back-end services stay in place.

Gradient Technologies is here to help with your back-end service needs. Contact us today for more information.