Blockchain Software Program Development

Blockchain software development is a hot topic right now, but that’s because of the viability and exciting opportunities this evolving technology offers.
Gradient Technologies, a blockchain development company with a wide range of experience, can assist both startups and businesses get the most out of Blockchain’s decentralized network.

What Gradient Technologies Offers

Gradient Technologies constructs many systems, but four blockchain software program developments get offered. These are the following offers currently available from Gradient Technologies:
Below is a brief discussion of these program developments.

Writing and Testing Smart Contracts

All types of digital contracts, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and NEO-based smart contracts, are written by the Gradient team. Moreover, teams at Gradient also do full-scale pre-release functional and non-functional testing to ensure that the smart contract solution does not contain any faults, indiscretions, or security problems.

Initial Coin Offerings or ICO Technical Development

Gradient Technologies’ teams and experts are well-versed in executing Initial Coin Offerings. Additionally, suppose the client has a business idea and requires a platform for project monetization. In that case, the experts at Gradient will gladly design an ERC20-compliant token, establish the purse and oracles, and analyze the document’s technical and functional assurance sections to provide clients a complete picture of their ICO ecosystem.

Decentralized Apps or dApps

DApps are a set of interconnected smart contracts that get linked by a procedural code and a frontend. Clients can use these apps to expedite payment services and keep track of their data securely and ethically. Moreover, Gradient’s teams produce a full UX/UI design and a complete dApp architecture, including connectivity with oracles.

Blockchain Ecosystems

Blockchain ecosystems cover a broad array of cryptocurrency trading apps, permitting transactions made securely and irrevocably. Crypto wallets, analytics applications, multiplatform exchanges, blockchain researchers, oracle applications, and portfolio monitor solutions are all built from the ground up by Gradient Technologies’ experts.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

There are three custom blockchain solutions in Gradient Technologies. These are the following. Below is a short discussion of the custom blockchain solutions mentioned.

Development of Cryptocurrencies

At Gradient Technologies, experts can help clients with any cryptocurrency development project. Whether they want to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their solution or need an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, a custom cryptocurrency from the ground up, or a mining client, virtual machine, blockchain network, or a P2P network.

Distinctive Blockchain Solutions

The experts at Gradient Technologies will analyze all areas of the industry, do a complete business study, and design a custom-fit blockchain solution if you need more particular capabilities adapted to your demands.

Hyperledger is being used to Develop Blockchain

Gradient Technologies’ blockchain development team is well-versed in using Hyperledger technology to create a secure corporate blockchain for any irrevocable company and tamper-proof for multi-party transactions.

Expertise in the Industry

Gradient Technologies’ expertise in blockchain software development has been beneficial to various industries, including Industrial Manufacturing, Transportation, and Healthcare.
Industrial Manufacturing

Gradient Technologies assist industrial companies in lowering their energy expenses by introducing automated energy transmission and utilization solutions such as low-cost P2P energy trading systems and decentralized IoT device systems.


Gradient Technologies also helps transportation businesses improve their logistics procedures and supply chain visibility. This is achieved by integrating blockchain application development with smart contracts and IoT sensors, monitoring supplies and products throughout the shipment process.


Gradient Technologies ' team of professionals using blockchain technology created health data gathering and administration, medical workflow management systems, and secure decentralized databases for storing health data.

Why Choose Gradient Technologies?

There are a lot of reasons why one should choose Gradient Technologies. However, there are three main reasons why Gradient Technologies should handle your blockchain software program development which will get discussed shortly.

Blockchain Expertise

All main blockchain platforms and cryptosystems, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger, are supported by the Gradient Technologies team. Moreover, Gradient can help you construct a whole blockchain network or any of its components, such as the blockchain core, nodes, or ecosystem apps.

Cryptography Expertise

Gradient Technologies makes sure to provide clients with a comprehensive range of secure cryptographic solutions, like encryption, digital signatures, and hashing algorithms, based on its hands-on experience in data security.

Quality of Performance

During the analysis stage, Gradient’s QA team collaborates with the project team to create a QA strategy, test each developed functionality, and run a bug bounty program to lessen the number of issues in the solution and achieve client requirements.


Gradient Technologies will put its knowledge and blockchain technology expertise to work for you, whether you want to create safe community payments and instant microtransactions or self-executing smart contracts.
What are you waiting for? Contact Gradient Technologies now to start your blockchain software program development.