Finding the Right
Business Analysis Services

Gradient provides information technology-based business analysis services, assisting clients and product owners in identifying business requirements and translating them into functional and non-functional specifications that the development team may later apply.

What is Business Analysis?

Despite their apparent simplicity, business analysis services go beyond just analyzing data.
The construction of a thorough vision of how a given idea can suit the market, the user wants, demands, stakeholder expectations, and, most crucially, future users get known as business analysis. It also determines whether a certain recommendation will genuinely benefit your organization and whether implementing it would be both technically and financially feasible.
To create and follow the solutions proven in advance, you must first analyze your business before moving forward with software development or a specific business process optimization. And the right business analysis services can greatly help with this.

Gradient’s Business Analysis and IT Consulting Offerings

The Business Analysis (BA) services provided by Gradient assist clients in delivering IT solutions on time, on budget, and to their specifications. The BA team at Gradient examines your company’s needs, goals, and objectives and collaborates with its developers throughout the project’s life cycle. The result is clear, and the development phase will be guided by actionable specifications, wireframes, and needs, among other things.

Project Discovery

You should start your project with a Discovery Phase to verify your idea, rule out potential technology bottlenecks, and avoid scope creep. This step is especially true for businesses new to the IT industry, seeking to break into a new market or introducing a new product. In this regard, Gradient’s BA team can assist you:
  • Identify your company’s needs and objectives.
  • Analyze the market and its competitors.
  • Determine the purpose of your technology solution.
  • Make wireframes and mockups.
  • Draw a rough sketch of the problem’s breadth.
  • Examine the product’s cost of production (ballpark estimate).
  • Assess the project’s hazards and devise a strategy for reducing them.

Business Analysis

Gradient works with the company’s stakeholders and development teams during the Business Analysis phase to define the solution’s needs and prioritize product features. Through this process, Gradient:

  • Examines how the system would work.
  • Narrows the scope of the project.
  • Selects the most appropriate technology stack.
  • Plans the design of the solution.
  • Makes an implementation roadmap.
  • Documents the requirements for a solution.
  • Gives a detailed estimate of the costs.

Ongoing Maintenance

You may want to make some changes and improvements to your product once it goes live to meet consumer expectations. Thus, it is a good idea to have Business Analysts on your team to study customer feedback, provide suggestions, and manage changes, so you do not make hasty decisions. Using Gradient, you will be able to:
  • Prevent and repair flaws in freshly developed technologies.
  • Conduct user acceptance tests.
  • Examine the solution to see if its features can be replaced or disabled in the most effective way.
  • Train your employees.

Why You Should Invest in Gradient’s Business Analysis Services

If you are still on edge about availing of Gradient’s Business Analysis Services, here are some things that might help you decide:

BA Services Enables you to Meet Objectives

79% of IT projects fail to meet their deadlines and budgets due to poorly stated solution requirements. Gradient’s team addresses stakeholder needs and corporate goals when producing product specifications. Gradient Technologies also ensures that the proposed technological solution will assist you in achieving your objectives. If it does not, Gradient will assist you in devising a workable alternative.

BA Services Reduce Costs

By conducting a Business Analysis before designing a technical solution, you may define the scope of the key early on, minimizing feature creep and unnecessary rework as the project progresses. Gradient Technologies will assist you in selecting cost-effective technology tools such as cloud platforms, hardware components, SDKs, and so on, as a seasoned IT consulting firm.

BA Services Align Stakeholders

When it comes to product development, use Gradient’s Business Analysis services to bridge the gap between your IT and business groups so that they can both participate and benefit from the product when it is released.
Gradient’s BA team follows the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) best practices to design a technological solution that adds value to your business. From Interviews, “As Is,” and “To Be” process analysis, workshops, brainstorming, and various other techniques, Gradient only does the best to serve you best.
In the end, you need business analysis services to optimize a specific business process by developing a software solution specifically for it. This option is also useful when you have a completely new idea but want to ensure it will work for your company and technically
implement it.
Suppose you want to work in a highly competitive environment or in a time of uncertainty. In that case, business analysis services are even more useful because they help you forecast potential hazards and recommend better ways to avoid them.

Once you decide to push through, Gradient Technologies will be there for you. Contact Gradient today.