Progress to the Cloud: Cloud Application Development

The demand for cloud-based apps has surged around the world. As a result, the need for Cloud Application Development has skyrocketed.

Gradient Technologies have extensive experience in constructing and supporting cloud solutions for IoT and other use cases.

Gradient’s Cloud Service Offerings

Gradient offers a plethora of cloud application development services, including the following:

Cloud Application Development

A variety of cloud-based solutions get developed by Gradient:
IoT Cloud-based Solutions

Gradient provides solutions that enable rapid and secure communication between IoT applications and the devices they control by leveraging the capabilities of Azure IoT Hub, Amazon IoT Core, and Google Cloud IoT services.

Cloud Optimization

Gradient Technologies will examine your cloud environment to assist you in assessing your app or system's total cost of ownership and provide advice on how to reduce it. Gradient will also improve the cloud architecture and the solution's availability and uptime to maximize the return on investment.

Cloud Integration

Gradient will connect your app to key cloud computing providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to improve its speed, security, and scalability. Before the integration, Gradient will customize or refactor your app if necessary. Gradient will also develop a hybrid environment where on-premise and cloud-based software solutions will work together to ensure data integrity and faster and safer operations.

Migration to the Cloud

Gradient Technologies can assist in migrating old systems to the public, hybrid, and private clouds. Gradient offers design or app inventory, code analysis, risk assessments, and a detailed migration plan to ensure minimal or no downtime throughout the move.

What You Can Get From Gradient

Gradient offers the following cloud-related services:

Cloud Consulting

Suppose you need help with custom cloud-native application development, transitioning to a cloud environment, setting up a reliable cloud infrastructure, consulting on cloud microservices integration, or upgrading your cloud system. In that case, Gradient’s certified experts can help you at any point during your cloud journey.

DevOps and Cloud Management

The DevOps team at Gradient will assist you with streamlining and streamlining your software development process, as well as setting up a cloud environment, managing app deployments, and shortening your time to market. Gradient also proudly offers end-to-end cloud maintenance and support services, ensuring a well-balanced cloud resource distribution and ongoing cloud integration and delivery.

With their vast expertise in cloud automation, high-load distribution, fault tolerance design, and cloud environment configuration, Gradient’s DevOps team can also make your system native to the cloud.

Cloud Deployments

Gradient ensures that your existing business operations do not get disrupted due to your cloud upgrade. To do this, Gradient will assess, plan, and implement cloud application development, integration, and deployment, as well as assist you in migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Moreover, availing of the products and services that Gradient offers also means availing your company of the following benefits:

Flexibility, Scalability, and Agility

Gradient develops cloud-based solutions that may be readily modified and adjusted to match your specific business needs, as well as scaled up and down to meet your existing budgetary constraints.

Exceptional Security

In real-time, Gradient’s expert team guarantees that all of your data is correctly encrypted and secured across all of your cloud apps, services, and systems. Gradient Technologies also creates both cloud and on-premise settings to ensure complete data protection.

Efficiency and Reduced Costs

You will obtain a fully-fledged cloud solution with Gradient’s cloud application development service, which will save you money on expensive hardware, utilities, and facilities, as well as the cost of establishing and operating your data centers.

Why Gradient Should be Your Choice

In a sea of cloud application development services, it is important to fish for the right one.
Gradient’s cloud application development aims to create cloud-based systems and solutions that are optimized for performance, scalability, robustness, and availability.
You will need a team of cloud application development experts to complete the task, whether converting a legacy application into a set of independent services or analyzing sensor data generated by a molding machine. In this venture, Gradient assists businesses in capturing, aggregating, and interpreting sensor data and efficiently managing IT infrastructures as part of its Digital Transformation services.
In the development of IoT solutions, cloud computing plays a critical role. The volume of data moving across the network, on the other hand, may have an impact on the response time and server costs of an IoT solution. Gradient’s cloud development team will use AWS and Azure services to construct fog or edge computing architectures where it makes more sense to store and analyze data locally.

For years, Gradient has learned and acquired the expertise needed to address today’s custom cloud application development concerns.

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