Custom Enclosure
Layout Services

Creating a custom enclosure design elevates and brands your product. Gradient Technologies innovates, designs, and presents you with a virtual enclosure concept. Once approved we move on to the development phase. This includes a market-ready enclosure with the PCB simulations required for compliance, function, reliability, and safety.

What We Do

Virtual Sketching

We sketch up to 5 designs and present them to you in 3D PDF and JPEG files for your approval.

Internal Structure Design

Your enclosure design takes into consideration the internal structure design and the technology required to ensure viability. It includes everything from the bonding plugs to the hinges, cover latches, jambs, and gaskets.

Mass Manufacturing

We map out, manage, and monitor the mass production process from start to finish. This includes strategic testing to pinpoint technical issues.

Version Detailing

Your virtual sketch is updated per your feedback and reinvisioned in an updated 3D rendering to ensure the enclosure is to your liking.

Enclosure Sample Manufacturing

Before submitting your approved enclosure for mass production, we manufacture prototypes to ensure you approve of the physical product.

What You Get

Enclosure Design Documentation

A CAD/CAM software program file containing an enclosure design with all target components.

Drawings for Enclosure Production

Detailed blueprints for every aspect of enclosure manufacturing.

Enclosure Samples

A functioning prototype designed per your approved specs. This is most often made with the desired design materials, but sometimes a similar material is utilized for prototype production.