Electronic Device
Design Services

Designing your electronic devices begins with crafting an electronics prototype and the documentation that maps out the methodologies behind the assembly process. Each client receives an in-depth document that details the vision of their product. This includes specifications such as budget, product requirements, solution architecture, CPU characteristics, memory interfaces, communication protocols, manufacturing costs, and more.

What We Do

Device Necessities Gathering and Structure Layout

We collect your product requirements, assess your specifications, and outline the essential components required for your product.

Gadget Layout

We identify the most efficient configuration, components, interconnections, technology, and materials for your gadget. This stage includes a production price estimate.

Procedure Design

We outline the process, necessary testing, and certifications required for your gadget. This includes product assembly, product maintenance, and everything required to move on to the development phase.

What You Get

Scope and Vision File

A technical record that confirms your concept utilizing the most relevant technologies.

PoC Solution

A proactive solution that pinpoints viable bottlenecks and provides a roadmap for designing solution-oriented architecture.

Electronics Prototype

A functioning hardware prototype to assess feasibility and identify and mitigate pre-development risks.

Smooth Documents

A detailed set of files with all of the vital data to apply for procurement. This includes specs of work to be completed, contracts, deadlines, plans, drawings, and more.

Tech Stack & Verified Know-How

Our Know-How
We’ve successfully completed projects across a variety of industries including communications, health, wellness, automotive, entertainment, industrial, and more!

How Can We Help?

Complete Cycle of Hardware Layout

We start with a proof of concept to determine whether the proposed hardware device can work. This helps us identify any bottlenecks and map out an optimized system architecture. To confirm viability we complete the electronic prototype design and enclosure and firmware development simultaneously.
Gradient’s electronics prototyping experts test for PoC at each phase of development. This ensures that we’re never too far off track if a phase doesn’t meet specifications. We are a full-service solution that designs, develops, deploys, and manufactures your product. From selecting components to ordering, PCB layout, PCB fabrication through to board bring-up and testing, UL, CE, FCC product sample certification, trial manufacturing, and mass production—the Gradient team has you covered!