Enhancement and Optimization Services

We are pioneers in the field of firmware development, specializing in the optimization of existing code. Our expertise lies in adding features, enhancing functionality, reducing code size, and seamlessly porting to new platforms—all achieved within the shortest possible timeframe. Our efficiency extends to optimizing your code for reduced Bill of Materials (BOM) cost or minimizing power consumption.

Firmware Solutions For IoT and Consumer Electronics

Bare Metal Firmware for Sensors

We design and implement embedded software solutions capable of operating independently of an operating system. With our expertise, your device or sensor can seamlessly function by directly interacting with its hardware. Our bare metal firmware architecture enables the capture of sensor data, facilitating real-time transfers to the cloud. This can be triggered by sensor activity or scheduled at allocated intervals.

Board Support Package (BSP) Development

Gradient develops BSP firmware with applications, libraries, and device drivers. Our signature solutions can be developed within Linux or real-time operating systems (RTOS), whichever is most effective for your custom device. We also provide the board bring-up services required to prepare your hardware and products for mass production.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

We are DSP experts who specialize in real-time sensors, audio, and video analysis. We utilize locally or cloud-deployed machine learning algorithms to recognize performance patterns, detect objects, and filter noise.

Our Approach to
Firmware Development


We analyze and assess your hardware strategy and select the most efficient firmware architecture pattern. Also, to eliminate OS overheads and meet or exceed latency and power consumption requirements.


Our development process includes taking a proactive approach to your long-term objectives. We factor in a variety of performance indicators including technical specs and the upfront and ongoing costs of deploying, maintaining, and scaling your product.

Quality Assurance

We perform in-house Quality Assurance services including PCB assembly testing, signal integrity analysis, firmware and software testing, debugging, and more. This ensures your code is sound, secure, and fully functioning.

Firmware Development Technology Stack

How Can We Help?

End-to-End Provider

Gradient Technologies offers end-to-end firmware development. From your initial analysis to requirements management, PCB and enclosure layout, and rapid prototyping for initial implementation and ongoing upgrades.

Customized IoT

Our expert team of engineers and technicians specializes in developing embedded software to build your custom IoT. This includes connecting gadgets, robotics, drones, equipment, enterprise CCTV systems, Wearables, smart home and office solutions, and more!

Machine Learning

We utilize and build-in machine learning algorithms to assess and optimize your connectivity, performance, and areas of opportunity in real-time. This includes analyzing components such as firmware, low-grade software, back-quit, mobile apps, and more.