FPGA Design Offerings

Our FPGA design engineers create fully customized field programable products. We take into account I/O pin availability, transceiver velocity, transceiver type, PLL/DLL performance, practical density (Logic Cells, DSP Slices, RAM), temperature, power input, and individual product specs. This includes design solutions for clients who prefer to configure their chip post-production.

What We Do

Video and Image Processing

We are a full-service solution, providing scaling, deinterlacing, alpha blending, gamma correction, coloration space conversion, and FIR filtering.

Video Interface Interconversion

Gradient designs your signature solutions via MIPI, SDI, HDMI, eDP, or mLVDS.


We utilize a variety of interfaces including PCI, PCIe, DDR, LVDS, SATA, Ethernet, and more.

Internet and Networking

Development includes network switches and network multiplexers (MUX).


Ensure data transfer with your preference in VHDL, Verilog, or AHDL coding.


Our software-defined radio solutions include CAP, QAM, QPSK, OFDM modulator/demodulator.

Your FPGA Deliverables

Design Implementation

Our services include the delivery of essential documents including programming files, pin-out files, and directives for creating a premium PCB layout.

Simulation and Verification

We provide an informative and actionable set of reports including simulation, test benches, post route simulation, timing analysis, consumption, and device utilization.

Gadget Design

VHDL & Verilog that incorporates initial source files.

Tech Stack

Our know-how

How Are We Able To Assist?

FPGA Programming

FPGA programming is the preferred technology for high-velocity throughput and complex data processing. Our engineers have the expertise to design, develop, and deploy cutting-edge hardware, firmware, and complex products. This includes helping you identify a reliable and reputable manufacturer.
Your signature solution includes a custom-tailored roadmap for accounting and obsolescence management. Our proactive approach drastically reduces your overall development costs, minimizes risk, and ensures you meet your development deadline.