Fully Customized Embedded Systems

Gradient’s tenured engineers design, develop, and deploy complex embedded systems. Your signature solution will include hardware, integrated software, intuitive user interfaces, wireless connectivity, advanced proximity technology, and device enclosure design. We’re with you every step of the way from concept to completion, testing to mass production.

From bare metal systems to DSP solutions, RTOS’s, board bring-up, energy efficiency, boot loaders, and more.

Whatever your needs may be, our expert engineers have you covered. Your signature solution can connect with your IoT, process sensor data, enable remote controls, and more.

Industry Expertise

We have designed, developed, and deployed complex solutions for a variety of industries, including:
Consumer Electronics

From wearables to home automation, smart home gadgets, advanced home security systems, entertainment gadgets, and more. Your signature solution will deliver innovative new ways to streamline, simplify, and improve the user’s experience. With over 20 years of experience, our engineers specialize in bare metal, BSP, RTOS, DSP, AOSP, and countless other options.

Sports and Athletics

Gradient has successfully built devices for professional sports teams, sports medicine physicians, gyms, sport-specific devices, and more. From smartwatches to sensors built-in to athleticwear, performance monitors, recovery devices, heart rate and biometric tracking, and more. Each can be built with Bluetooth technology, GPS/GIS, and RFID.

Health and Wellness

Empower patients to take a more proactive approach to their health and empower physicians with optimized equipment. From HIPPA-compliant storage to real-time patient sensors, full-service wearable development, surgical robotics, and more.


From concept to production, we can develop built-in and consumer automotive solutions for vehicle manufacturers. From fleet management tools to remote vehicle diagnostics, advanced driver assistance controllers (ADAS), human-machine interface (HMI), cloud-based data management, communication and entertainment connectivity, and more.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment options are constantly evolving. Gradient’s engineers can build embedded software, systems, and gadgets for gaming, streaming, data and analytics, secure storage, content compression, advanced consumer privacy, anti-sharing protocols, and more.

Industrial and Commercial

Digitally transform your warehouse or production plant with automation, safety sensors, asset and inventory tracking, energy efficiency monitors, robotics, optimized logistics, and more.

Our Process

Discovery Phase

We begin with a comprehensive discovery phase to determine your needs in terms of specs, function, compliance, and end-user outcomes. We perform the research required to mitigate risks and provide you with a detailed plan and timeline.

Preliminary System Design

It’s ok if you aren’t sure what operating system, frameworks, libraries, or internal components you want to utilize. We will advise you on the best options to achieve your objectives and provide you with a detailed blueprint of your confirmed selections.

Develop and Test

We begin developing your embedded system, performing quality assurance tests at every stage, including:

Software and Firmware

We code your integrated software and firmware in your coding language of choice, including:


We design, develop, and test your embedded system to ensure it performs to your specs and seamlessly integrates with designated third-party software.

Final QA Testing

We QA test in strategic phases and again at the completion of development to ensure your code and bring-up board is clean, readable, bug-free, and mass-production ready.

Ongoing Support

As bugs arise or needs evolve Gradient has you covered! We manage and monitor your system, perform rapid fixes, and upgrade your embedded system as needed.

Tech Stack & Certifications

Why Gradient?

20+ Years Of Experience

Gradient’s tenured team of engineers has been designing, developing, and deploying full-service technical and electronic solutions for over 20 years. Your signature solution will be industry compliant and built with local and international compliance and standards.

End-to-End Development

Some technology firms only design and develop, but Gradient is with you every step of the way. From your initial vision to requirements management, coding your software, designing your hardware and PCB design, branded enclosure design, prototyping, trial production management, mass production management, ongoing maintenance, and as-needed upgrades.

Full Transparency

Communication is key to every successful project. In addition to providing you with a detailed timeline, we keep you apprised of our progress and are available for questions or concerns that arise along the way. We utilize modern project management systems to keep our team on track, schedule regular meetings with you, and respond to your inquiries without delay.

Quality Control

To minimize blind spots and bottlenecks we have an internal QA department, which is separate from your project engineers. We test in designated intervals and at the completion of your project to ensure full function, compliance, integrations, and overall performance.

Our Solutions For You

Research and Development

Once you share your vision, Gradient’s R&D team dives in and gathers the data and insights required to develop your next-generation solutions. This includes identifying gaps in the market, assessing similar products, and determining consumer needs.
For example, our R&D team recently studied and tested multiple gaming motion controllers for a client to develop an innovative new technology for Android gaming.

Quality Assurance

With Gradient, there’s no need for third-party QA testing. We test and debug your embedded solutions to ensure it is infallible. We have a separate firmware lab, embedded lab, and cell lab to rapidly debug and fix issues that arise at each stage of development.