Electronic Hardware Design

From electronic hardware, branded enclosures, PCB design and layout, FPGA design, and full-service electronic device design—if you need it our hardware engineers have you covered! We assist from initial concept to a QA-tested viable product  design for mass production.

Wireless, Analog, and Mixed-
Signal Electronics Systems

Your Gradient engineers will build your hardware from the ground up. We begin with the
electronic system and circuit design to ensure a solid foundation. Then we move on to PCB
simulation, production prototype, trial production run, and mass production.

Electronic System Design & Layout

Electronic Circuit Design

Target Industries

Our hardware design engineers have delivered fully customized electronic
solutions for a variety of industries including but not limited to:
Consumer Electronics

We design, develop, and QA test a variety of innovative technology solutions. From advanced IoT to innovative new gadgets, safety sensors, health monitors, pet tracking devices, and more. All solutions gather and visualize data and analytics.

Industrial and Commercial Automation

We develop a variety of industrial solutions that improve safety, gather advanced data and analytics, and optimize operations and workflows. From automating production lines with HMI to motion sensors, safety sensors, equipment monitors, M2M integrations, and more.


From advanced IoT to embedded transportation systems. Your signature solution can monitor your fleet, gather diagnostics in real-time to minimize downtime, improve driver safety and security, track cargo within the logistics chain, and more.

Media and Entertainment

There are countless ways we can help you optimize the user experience. From authenticating visitors for safety or access to real-time venue GPS, personalized SMS and communication, connecting with friends on-site, remotely configuring stages and consumer spaces, and more.


Create signature automotive solutions including HMI and multi-media units, advanced driver assistance (ADAS), hardware for electric vehicles, and more.

Sports Activities

Empower athletes with a signature solution to track performance, monitor heart rate and biometrics, assist in rehabilitation, sport-specific equipment and gear, and more.

Our Development Process

We gather your product specs, compliance requirements, use cases, manufacturing, and logistics objectives.
We gather the key functional features you have already identified including technology, preferred vendors, design materials, and production cost.
We develop a component library to eliminate the need for manually entering parts with symbols, footprints, and pin mapping.
Take your diagram and transform it into a detailed schematic layout with complete electronic connections. This includes selecting the final components required for full function.
  • We help you choose a reputable and reliable manufacturer.
  • QA-testing to verify signal, energy efficiency, electromagnetic interference, compatibility, and temperature and thermal dissipation.
  • DFM/DFA check.
  • We help you choose a reputable and reliable manufacturer.
  • We supervise the production process and supervise the sample production run
  • We QA test the sample product and provide the manufacturer with bug fixes.
Fully compatible casing and PCB.
We supervise the pilot batch production process, including providing the manufacturer with tips on how to optimize the BOMs, internal logistics, and overall production process.
Once the board layout is tested and the pilot batch production process has been optimized, Gradient supervises the mass production process.

Tech Stack &
Verified Expertise


Surround-view, Rear-view, Video recording
V2x, Navigation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Cellular
HMI unit, IVI, Digital Cluster, Head-up, Rear seat entertainment
AM/FM/DAB/DAB+ radio, noise cancellation, high-end audio amplifiers
Commercial and Industrial

Commercial-grade monitors, Panel PCs with displays, computer platforms, compact Box PCs, and IoT gateways

SOC Technologies

SoC, SoM, and expansion forums


Industrial/Commercial IoT, Consumer IoT, athletic gadgets, and pet gadgets

Our Expertise

Gradient hardware complies with RoHS, CE, FCC, and UL standards and requirements. We also comply with all industry and regional standards and requirements. The safety of your hardware can be confirmed with our internationally recognized certifications.

Why Gradient?

Transparent Design Process

Our process is strategic, and we ensure you are apprised every step of the way. We respect your timeline and have systems in place to ensure your project is delivered on time.

Ground Up Development

Each project begins with in-depth research and development and proof of concept is built-in to minimize costly bugs and bottlenecks.

Seamless Integration

Your hardware will be built to seamlessly integrate with your current tech stack. This ensures full function and optimizes outcomes.

Engineering Experts

Gradient’s experts are trained, certified, and have decades of experience. We ensure they are up to date with all industry advances.

Comprehensive Design Process

Our attention to detail is uncompromised, ensuring that all components seamlessly connect, and that the system architecture is optimized.

How May We Assist You?

Full-Service Hardware Design

Gradient’s engineers excel in designing, developing, and deploying high-end hardware, software, and gadgets. From concept to mass production, we are with you every step of the way. Our collaborative approach ensures you have an optimized, energy-efficient, and robust solution.

We can refer you to reputable and reliable manufacturers or we can work with your manufacturer of choice. Our services include supervising production and supplying design files including functional diagrams, component libraries, bill of materials, CAD and Gerber files, enclosure specs, and more.