IoT Development

Gradient provides you with the advanced IoT development services required to digitally transform your business. From proprietary smart gadgets, adding sensors to analog products, firmware, custom IoT platforms, and fully customized web, mobile, and embedded infrastructure.

Consumer and
Commercial IoT Solutions

Commercial and Industrial IoT

From fully integrated predictive maintenance to cobots, industrial automation, HMIs for commercial equipment, and more.

Consumer IoT

Innovative smart clothing, smart accessories, hearables, infant monitors, pet collars, smart home systems, and more.

Healthcare IoT

HIPPA-compliant telecare technology, vital sign monitors, predictive health data and analytics, smart medicine chips, and more.

Our IoT Development Services

Hardware Prototyping and Design

We gather the desired specs, functions, and end-user requirements to build a fully functioning prototype. Your production-ready prototype will include IoT boards, sensors, and a branded and ergonomic enclosure. Our development process includes:

Embedded Software

Gradient’s firmware and embedded devices seamlessly integrate with your IoT and third-party programs. This empowers you to capture sensor data, transfer data to the cloud in real-time or in dedicated intervals, gather advanced data and analytics in edge and fog computing systems, and more. This includes:

Intuitive IoT Dashboards

Your interactive dashboard enables you or your clients to manage their IoT devices through a remote or onsite web or mobile app and to analyze sensor data within your preferred BI tools. This includes:

Convenient Mobile Apps

Our IoT services include developing native and cross-platform mobile apps. This empowers users to access data on the go and provides convenient IoT remote control.

Our IoT Development


Gradient digitally transforms your IoT devices to ensure they transmit real-time data to your designated gateways. We achieve this by the way of advanced communication interfaces such as RFID tags, beacons, and networking protocols including NFC, Wi-Fi, BLE, and more.

Data Capture

Your comprehensive solution includes the strategic design of embedded and distributed systems. This ensures that all data captured is captured and stored in an industry-compliant manner. Access your data in real-time via your accompanying web or mobile app.

Actionable Insights

Your new system gathers both standard and advanced metrics and KPIs that empower you to mine the data for actionable insights. Your visualized reports are fully customizable and include searchable categories. They can be accessed through your desired app or IoT device.

Why is Gradient Right
For Your IoT Design?

Your IoT Expert

We deliver a comprehensive IoT solution that includes your integrated IoT device and its accompanying apps.

Security and Compliance

Your IoT hardware and software are designed and developed with advanced data security and to industry/local/international compliance standards.

User Experience

Our R&D team gathers consumer data and input to ensure our UX design process ensures your IoT device is a valuable and intuitive gadget for the end-user.

Scalable Design

You and end users’ needs will evolve, which is why we design and develop your product in a manner that ensures it’s easy to transition to the next generation.

Industries We Service

Gradient’s tenured engineers have designed, developed, and deployed complex IoT
solutions for industries including but not limited to:

Sports and Athletics

From advanced smartwatches to smart clothing, personalized recovery apps and gadgets, athletic streaming, social media portals, and more. If you need it, we have the tenure and are up to the challenge of bringing your IoT vision to life.

Media and Entertainment

Live streaming special events, standout digital signage, beacon marketing, GPS event navigation, content delivery networks, and more. Our media and entertainment streaming solutions have unauthorized anti-sharing features built in.

Consumer Electronics

We assist consumer electronics brands in designing and developing next-generation upgrades of their existing devices, and designing, developing, and deploying their new smart gadgets from scratch.

Commercial and Industrial

We collaborate with you to determine the most efficient and effective IoT solutions to digitally transform your company, production plant, or warehouse. From transitioning from analog to digital, optimizing equipment, gathering data with sensors, automation, predictive maintenance, and more.

Healthcare and Wellness

Gradient has delivered signature solutions for a wide range of digital healthcare companies, medical groups, and wellness brands. From HIPPA-compliant telecare to at-home health monitoring, real-time data transfer, personalized and predictive healthcare, and more.

How Can Gradient Help You?

IoT For Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a group effort. Gradient’s tenured team has successfully collaborated with countless organizations to create innovative new workflows, internal operations, entertainment solutions, consumer gadgets, communication solutions, and more.

Innovate Without Risk

To ensure proof of concept, our process includes your data and specs, our R&D findings, and a strategic process that includes QA testing in strategic intervals. We bring your IoT vision to life, set realistic goals, monitor trial and mass production, and keep you apprised every step of the way.