PCB Design and

Gradient’s experienced engineers can design complex and fully customized PCB layouts to optimize the form factor, EMI and performance. We offer cutting edge solutions for your Circuit board requirements.

What We Do

Stack-Up/Build-Up Development

We strategically select the internal components to meet your product specs.

Transmission Line Configuration

From complex 3D structures to optimized conductivity and calculating transmission impedance.

Multi-Layer PCB Design

We build high-density 12+ layer circuits with one, two, or multiple conductive layers and power planes.

High-Speed PCB Layout

We ensure high-speed interface connectivity by developing with multi-GHz SerDes traces, LVDS, DDR 2/3/4 reminiscence, USB, PCIe, SATA, etc.

Radio-Frequency (RF) PCB Design

Our design ensures your connectivity preference including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, etc.

High-Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI)

Your high-tech PCB will include the required finer lines and spaces to connect via blind or buried or UVIA and via-in-pad technologies for fine-pitch ICs—including BGAs.

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Layout

Your complex design will be comprised of flexible sections which are utilized as interconnectors for rigid parts.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Our advanced PCB layouts are designed to minimize manufacturing setbacks.

Design for Assembly (DFA)

We minimize tombstoning and assembly issues by designing with proprietary IPC-compliant PCB libraries.

What You Get

PCB Layout Documentation

Detailed product design documentation including CAD/CAM files for your PCB design, the components library, and a 3D model of your functioning layout.

PCB Production Documentation

Detailed product manufacturing documents including IPC-compliant CAD/CAM files for board production and assembly.

Tech Stack & Verified

Our Know-How
All our PCB designs are compliant with the highest standards including IPC-2581,
IPC-2221, IPC-4101C, and IPC-6012B.

How Can We Help?

Circuit Design

The PCB board design process is an essential step in ensuring we meet your product specs. Gradient Technologies is a full-service solution that can design, develop, test, prototype, and send your product for manufacturing. Our hardware engineers have the advanced skill set required to verify competency, optimize your budget, and accelerate the development process.

Our tenured team of engineers is with you every step of the way and takes a proactive approach that minimizes manufacturing bottlenecks.