Capabilities Overview

Gradient’s expert software engineers can code your signature solution in any programming language, framework, or library. Our services include design, development, QA testing, deployment, maintenance, and scaling your solutions as your needs evolve.

Our Technical Capabilities


We design, develop, and deploy Android apps and services for smartphones, tablets, gadgets, wearables, smart TVs, and more.


We are Apple Certified and can design, develop, and deploy iOS apps for iPads, WatchOS, and all Apple devices.


JavaScript is ideal for single-page apps to cross-platform mobile apps, progressive web apps (PWA), and large-scale server-side web apps.


Java is ideal for building proprietary apps, migrating legacy apps, modern tech stacks, the cloud, enterprise IT, and more.


Xamarin is ideal for high-performance apps that utilize .NET, #C, and platform-specific interfaces such as Android, iOS, and macOS.


.NET technology is ideal for web-based apps, desktop software, enterprise mobility, gaming apps, cross-platform mobile/web apps, and advanced IoT systems.


Unity3D is ideal for complex integrations and interactivity between multiple devices. This includes desktop apps, mobile devices, gaming consoles, 3D interfaces, virtual simulations, e-learning, artificial intelligence, and more.


Gradient engineers have been developing signature solutions in C/C++ for over 20 years. This stack technology is ideal for desktop apps, multi-media software, SDKs, utilities, support packages, and more.

Why Choose Gradient

Tenured Engineers

Our team of expert engineers partners with you to develop your innovative wearable technology. We deliver a fully functioning and production-ready prototype for consumer or industrial devices. This includes a branded enclosure, integrated software, supportive apps, and managing pilot and mass production.

Safety and Security

We develop your software and apps with advanced security to ensure your signature solution protects your sensitive data, or the data of your end-users. Security is ever-evolving so we perform maintenance and update your security as needed.

Full-Stack Team

With decades of experience, our team can successfully develop innovative full-stack solutions. From program drivers to hardware and firmware, embedded systems, web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and more.