Consumer Internet
of Things

Our integrated solutions help you create consumer IoT products that provide homeowners with easy, worry-free living. Our solutions improve security, energy efficiency, remote accessibility, automation, and more. With our expertise in hardware design and embedded application development, we can provide cloud systems, integrated cellular solutions, improved entertainment, and bespoke solutions.

IoT for Customer Electronics

Smart Homes

Smart homes are the future of home automation. Intelligent abodes improve safety, ensure optimal temperature control in your living space, and integrate countless gadgets into one seamless system. Integrated controls are utilized such as smartphones or notebooks to manage security cameras, HVAC, Alexa-managed merchandise, window treatments, lighting, and more!


Wearables are more popular than ever. The latest devices can track your physical activity, biometric data, pets, integrated add-ons, and can even hear what you are saying!

Consumer IoT Solutions We Develop

Smart Garments And Add-Ons

Our wearable products come equipped to provide you with insights about your health and wellness. This includes calories burned while exercising or monitoring your heart rate during workouts through our wristwear sensor options. Enjoy easy access to biometrics including heart rate, calorie consumption, step count, weight, and more!

Our solutions include:


Smart hearables are the modern alternative to the dated hearing aid. We’ll help you design and develop BLE-enabled devices with built-in audio enhancement capabilities and assistive features to enhance the listening experience.
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IoT for Pets

With the help of our technology, you can create an IoT system that monitors and protects your pets. We offer products for all types of animals, indoor and outdoor, and farm and family pets. This includes GPS, movement and body position sensors, smart feeders, microphones, speakers, and more!

Integrated Domestic Solutions

We use cutting-edge technology to create clever home solutions that optimize security and create a personalized home management system. Efficient consumer IoT improves safety and convenience by enabling you to control your environment remotely or through voice recognition systems. Our solutions are easy for anyone in the family (even children) to operate!

Child Care IoT Answers

Gradient Technologies provides the most comprehensive solutions for your baby care needs. From remote baby monitoring to medical reminders, integrated infant care plans, caregiver monitoring, and more!
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How Can We Help?

Applicable Built-In

We help businesses design and develop consumer IoT products that people love! Our consumer-centered solutions are integrated, automated, and scale easily as needs evolve. From base products to integrated gadgets, and apps—we do it all!

Built-In Security

With our linked patron electronics, you can rest assured that consumer data is protected. We use encryption, authentication technology, and advanced connectivity protocols to ensure the safety and security of all who use your products.