Custom Thunderbolt Peripherals

Gradient Technologies is a licensed Thunderbolt developer. This means we can design and develop a variety of electronic peripherals and computer interfaces. This includes built-in docks, digital cameras, embedded computer systems, surveillance cameras, industrial solutions, enterprise solutions, and more. Your custom technology supports 40 Gbps connections, dual 4K 60Hz displays, and integrated USB Type-C connectors.

Gradient Thunderbolt Development Solutions

Embedded PC Development

The Gradient team develops embedded PCs for a variety of industries and devices. From consumer IoT devices to built-in automotive electronics, industrial applications, integrated field computers, panel and industrial box PCs, and more. Your new system will be robust and integrated to include features such as:

Digital Cameras for Multiple Applications

We can build your digital cameras and drones with multiplexers to integrate the data flows from multiple devices. Your interconnected daisy chain is built within Thunderbolt to ensure rapid data transfer. Thunderbolt is our interface of choice as it ensures high-speed transmission of uncompressed data to the cloud or your computer.
Your camera or drone will be built with integrated laptop image functionality to ensure a diverse range of functions, including:

Custom Docking Stations

As a Thunderbolt-certified development company, Gradient can design and develop mobile docking stations for devices such as laptops, notebooks, smartphones, gadgets, drivers, and more. Your custom docking station will support continuous connectivity, deliver up to 40 Gbps of data transfer, and will have the ports you require. Additional features include:

Network Solutions

Your signature solution will be secure, scalable, and built within Thunderbolt to seamlessly integrate and connect multiple peripherals, enterprise systems, industrial systems, and more. Gradient engineers understand that peer-to-peer communication is essential, which is why we ensure that data transfer between your device, the cloud, PCs, and storage drivers is never less than 10 GbE.

Our solutions are designed for integrated networks, automated routers, admin interfaces, and more.

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End-to-End Service

Gradient provides end-to-end solutions. From your initial assessment to designing, developing, prototyping, PCB enclosure design, deployment, and ongoing support. Thunderbolt technology is ideal for delivering complex solutions such as industrial machines, enterprise gadgets, surveillance cameras, automotive interfaces, and more. Your new dock, digital camera, or embedded device can be a solo device—or designed and developed to support complex digital transformation.

Solutions For Every Industry

Gradient has designed, developed, and deployed technical solutions for businesses across every industry including the automotive, industrial, corporate, consumer, healthcare, and more. Our services include uncovering your unique challenges so that we can deliver signature solutions to improve safety, streamline workflow, optimize performance, improve customers service, and more. Each solution is built with industry, local, and global compliance standards.