OEM and Industrial IoT Solutions

Gradient is a full-service solution for OEMs and industrial companies who are seeking to digitally transform their manufacturing. From smart technology to innovative analog equipment, automation, asset management, optimized production, robotics, custom IoT, and more.

Our Commercial IoT

Predictive Maintenance

Mine advanced data and analytics to take a proactive approach to risk, waste management, production defects, maintenance, machine failure, and more.

Remote AR

Augmented reality empowers you to provide high-level guidance to field workers, optimize employee training with AR wearables, enhance remote operations, and more.

Industrial Controls

Optimize your workforce and production process with smart sensors, smart controllers, and HMIs and M2M interfaces.

Asset and Inventory Management

Monitor and manage assets and inventory with real-time data generated from RFID, beacons, sensors, wireless communication, and more.

Video Surveillance

Optimize your industrial security with advanced CCTV systems that have night vision and object recognition algorithms to detect and alter you to intrusion in real-time.


Advanced robotics can digitally transform and automate your production lines, warehouse operations, industrial inspections, and data generation. This includes the use of low-grade software, end of arm tooling, and collaborative cobots that are equipped with sensors.

Our Industrial IoT Offerings

Analog to Digital

Gradient Technologies will digitize your analog data by building custom sensors, tags, and programable controllers. This empowers you to analyze equipment function in real-time, minimize downtimes, minimize maintenance costs, and more.

Industrial IoT App

Generate a real-time and comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure and internal operations. Your enterprise data draws from all systems in your IoT using custom firmware and middleware. Visualize and analyze your industrial data within your custom BI dashboard or mobile app.

IoT Hardware

We build and test the low-grade software and hardware prototypes required to ensure your IoT solutions deliver your desired commercial automation. From collaborative robots to robotic arms, inspection drones, and more.

Data Warehousing and

Gradient Technologies assesses your individual needs to determine a secure and efficient way to store your industrial data. We utilize machine learning to gather and transfer on-site and cloud solutions to collect your data. Your custom edge or fog cloud architecture processes data locally or transfers it to the cloud in designated intervals.

Industry Expertise

Our Industrial IoT experts ensure efficiency when digitally transforming your operations by automating production and delivering real-time data and insights.
Industrial Production

Our Industrial IoT services include designing, developing, and deploying front-end systems that optimize your manufacturing process. From connected equipment to smart analog machines and devices, custom IT interfaces, secure connectivity, and more.

Oil and Gasoline

We collect sensor data from your production and processing equipment, automate inspections with cobots and drones, integrate your IoT suites with custom web and mobile apps, and more.