Proximity Solutions: iBeacon, NFC, RFID,
and Sensors

Whether you’re in the market for an innovative new mobile device, safety sensor, or wearable device, Gradient technology has you covered! We design, develop, and deploy micro-location technologies with RFIDs, NFCs, Beacons, lasers, infrared lights, and more. Your technology will gather real-time or batched data to leverage for countless professional purposes.

What We Build

Custom Firmware & Drivers

We are your full-service solution. Your new Smart Technology, NFC, proximity, or Bluetooth device will come with custom drivers, firmware, and embedded software. Our tenured team has the expertise required to design, develop, and deploy powerful and integrated solutions.

Your signature solution will be pinpoint accurate, and can be utilized to navigate complex facilities, track tools and people, locate missing objects, obtain remote data, and more.

Hardware Design

Your team of software engineers will build proprietary hardware that is integrated with Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems, and sensing devices. The data collected automatically transmits to the cloud via BLE, Wi-Fi, or LTE.

Gradient is a licensed provider of Apple MFi, which means we can develop iBeacon services. This provides us with direct access to Apple’s technical support team, hardware components, tools, and resources required to build flawless iBeacon compatible BLE-enabled hardware to communicate with Apple devices.

App Development

For improved capabilities, your sensor solution will be developed alongside a custom-curated mobile app. Your proprietary app will be multi-functional and capable of communicating with Beacons, proximity readers, stickers, and end-user tags.

We can develop apps for everything from asset tracking to smart logistics, indoor navigation, contact-free mobile payment processing, or anything else you require!

Web Structures

We can optimize your embedded software with web apps to create a cohesive solution.

This could include a web-based product management dashboard, content management system to message mobile devices, cloud-based backends, device and behavior analytics, and more.

Enterprise Experience

Gradient Technologies has designed, developed, and deployed embedded technology solutions for a variety of industries, including:

We’ve successfully delivered RFID, iBeacon, and NFC systems that empower retailers to better manage their inventory, improve customer service, optimize operations, enhance security, manage in-store traffic, and more.

Business Manufacturing

Our RFID manufacturing solutions offer countless safety and operational efficiencies. This includes optimized supply chains, inventory control, asset tracking, quality assurance, automated alerts, maintenance monitoring, work in process monitoring (WIP), safety alerts, and more.

Tech Stack

Our know-how

How Can We Assist You?

Gradient’s Approach to
Proximity Hardware

We are a full-service solution that can develop your iBeacon software, NRC, and RFID solutions. Our software engineers excel in BLE-enabled hardware development that can be bundled to transmit sensory data such as temperature, sound, movement, vibration, and more. Your smart transmitter can be small enough to fit comfortably on a keychain or small RFID tag.

We empower you to integrate, automate, optimize, and leverage communication between countless devices. Our engineers build single and multi-purpose proximity transmitters, NFC readers, RFID tags, and BLE-enabled devices. We design using your preference in iBeacon, AltBeacon, URIBeacon, or Eddystone. If needed, our services can include coding your custom proximity modules.

In order to craft your working prototype or deliverables we will:

Firmware Improvement for
Proximity Devices

Gradient Technologies will design and deliver low-grade solutions for your BLE-enabled devices. This includes the smart technology required to ensure wireless functionality.