Wearable Technology Development

Gradient works with you to design a fully customized wearable device. Your signature solution will be integrated to connect with third-party apps and devices, have its own mobile app, gather and visualize real-time data and insights, automate alerts, and more. If applicable, it can also integrate and sync with your Smart Home or Smart Office IoT and technologies.

Wearable Solutions Include


From smartwatches to health and biometric tracking, jewelry with built-in sensors, inertial measurement gadgets (IMUs), and more.


Advanced in-ear devices such as wireless earbuds, AI headphones, noise-cancelling headphones, smart hearing aids, and more.

Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs)

We can design and develop your augmented reality and virtual reality glasses, goggles, and headsets. We also provide AR and VR testing and content production.

Our Wearable Device and App Development Solutions


Gradient optimizes computing power, function, and user experience by taking a strategic approach to:

Embedded Software

Our services include embedded software development to ensure your wearable gathers data, transfers data to the cloud, interacts with multiple devices, and more.

Back-End Infrastructure

We build a robust backend to store, process, and relay sensor data in real-time to your apps and other wearables.

Mobile Apps

Our engineers design your device and its custom app. Your app syncs with your wearable via a secure API.

Industry Experience

Gradient is a full-service provider. We design, develop, and deploy innovative
wearables, AR gadgets, VR gadgets, and signature solutions for a variety of
industries, including:
Industrial and Commercial Manufacturing

Remote navigation, remote assistance, real-time emergency alerts for OEMs, mining companies, manufacturing plants, logistics warehouses, and more.

Healthcare and Wellness Science

Monitor vital signs, biometrics, remote health monitoring, and wearable safety solutions for seniors and assisted living centers.


Create interactive and engaging augmented and virtual reality headsets for employee training, lifelike simulations, and students of every level.

Consumer Electronics

From personal fitness trackers to connected pet collars, smart athletic wear, biometric tracking, heart rate monitors, and smart gadgets.

Gradient’s Approach To Wearables


To ensure industry and HIPPA compliance, we protect consumer data by implementing multi-factor authentication, encrypted data, and advanced connectivity technology for syncing with apps and servers.


To optimize energy consumption and processing power, we develop advanced embedded software. For convenience, we integrate your signature wearable with voice activation and/or motion sensing for hands-free operation.


After gathering your desired features, functions, and product specs, we select a suitable tech stack and M2M or cloud-based architecture. This proactive approach ensures your prototype functions properly, which we QA test to confirm.

How Can We Help?

Full-Stack Experts

Our team of expert engineers partners with you to develop your innovative wearable technology. We deliver a fully functioning and production-ready prototype for consumer or industrial devices. This includes a branded enclosure, integrated software, supportive apps, and managing pilot and mass production.

Adaptable Approach

Our team can assist you at any stage of development. From full-service design, development, QA testing, and production to jumping in to create or perfect a signature feature or function. We can also take over projects that others have failed to successfully deliver.

Fast-Track to Market

We utilized cutting-edge hardware design and software development strategies. DevOps is one of our top options as it helps us fast-track your wearable and minimize costly bugs without compromising quality.

Mass Production Management

Our services include new product introduction (NPI) services. We can work with your manufacturer of choice or identify a reputable and reliable manufacturer on your behalf. Once confirmed, we negotiate your IP rights, fee structure, supply chain, and device QA testing. We take a strategic approach to minimize risks, delays, and unforeseen expenses.