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Gradient Technologies has proudly spent over a decade at the
forefront of innovation, dedicated to providing cutting-edge
hardware, software and firmware solutions to our valued customers.

From our humble beginnings, we have evolved into a trusted name in the industry, consistently delivering new and advanced hardware-oriented products. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind our success. Over the years, we have embraced technological advancements and adapted to the dynamic needs of our customers, ensuring that our products and services stand out in an ever-evolving market. As we celebrate 12 years of excellence, we remain passionate about pushing the boundaries of hardware innovation, shaping the future of technology, and continuing to serve our customers with the latest and most reliable solutions. 

Why Choose Us

Innovative problem-solving skills, in-depth expertise and enthusiasm toward work
make us a strong partner in the field of hardware and software development.

Years of Experience

Gradient Technologies has been on the market for more than 12 years and was founded by hardware and software engineers with a solid educational background in electronics & mechanical engineering, software technology and extensive work experience in the Engineering services industry, collectively accumulating 250 man hours of experience.


Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects in consumer electronics, industrial and medical devices, such as asset tracking solutions, energy harvesting technologies, home automation systems, telematics, electric vehicle products, radar applications, drones and mini satellites, sports analytics, video surveillance, smart communities, medical and elderly care solutions, pet monitoring systems, programmable robots, and beyond.


Our greatest strength lies in our capability to handle both the hardware and software components of your products. We excel in designing and building electronic devices, creating firmware and software, and developing IoT and embedded systems. Additionally, we specialize in designing highly efficient wireless antennas, contemporary mechanical enclosures, and guiding our customers through diverse certification processes. We build our prototypes internally in addition to utilizing US based fabrication partners for our low quantity rapid prototyping services.


Our delivery department consists of multiple teams. In short, the hardware team builds prototypes, low-level firmware, and robots. And the software team works with computer vision algorithms, kernel & drivers and artificial intelligence systems.


Reliable hardware engineering

The cost of change in hardware is much higher than in software. Because you can't refactor a physical component after manufacturing, we make sure a completed hardware product is shipped out to your customers without bugs. We are creative in reducing the bill material and manufacturing complexity.

Full-stack software development

In software development, our core competence is C/C++ Development. But we also use Python, Assembly, C#, Java, and Objective-C, etc for relevant projects. We build system-level applications and drivers and provide cross-platform development.

Dedicated project management

To put a proactive communication process in place we provide a dedicated project manager for every project. Our clients can talk directly to developers when needed, but project managers make daily reports and ensure that the process goes as planned.

Effective testing

We include a test plan in the project specification. Our test plan applies to both hardware and software. This plan describes the functionality that we're going to test and how we'll test it. We write unit tests and perform various types of manual testing to make sure the delivered functionality works as expected. We also include test cases for certification of your products.


On time

Before starting a project we go through a planning stage during which we determine project goals and a detailed roadmap for achieving them. We monitor the progress throughout the project development and meet our service delivery expectations.

Within scope and

Because of our thorough planning and a meticulous approach to estimation we're able to provide precise and accurate cost estimates. We manage the process of delivery so our clients always get their projects finished within scope and budget.

Agile methodology

We use iterations for design, development, integration, and testing, and show the results of our work in the form of a demo. We use Scrum to organize work into small, manageable pieces. And we use a Kanban board to visualize our progress through the workflow.

Support and

After we've completed the scope and our client is fully satisfied with the results, we start the support and maintenance period. During this period we provide hardware revisions, optimizations, enhancements and bug fixes for hardware, firmware and software.


Turnkey Product Development

We reduce costs and increase efficiency by offering both hardware and software development services within one company. From hardware to firmware to software to mechanical, we are ready to apply our integrated approach to solving your problem.

Solutions for Startups

For a startup, the faster you launch the more chances you get to take off. We help startups get the proof of concept by utilizing our rapid prototyping services which includes local hardware fabrication vendors. We also build prototypes using existing development kits. The majority of startups we've helped have run successful campaigns on Kickstarter and have received investments.

Dedicated development center

We provide dedicated teams for clients who are looking to extend their teams with experts in hardware and low-level software programming. We manage people and ensure the quality of work letting you fully control the delivery process.

Research & Development

For projects with a high degree of technical uncertainty, we offer research and development services. We help our clients define the feasibility of the project, outline potential risks and estimate the time and cost needed for project implementation.We employ cutting-edge simulation tools to verify that our designs can achieve the desired outcomes.

Our Expert Teams

At Gradient, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions through the collaborative efforts of our dedicated teams. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the diverse and skilled professionals who work tirelessly to bring your ideas to life. We understand that each project is unique, and our multifaceted teams are tailored to meet your specific needs. All our team members are full time employees.

Electronic Circuit & PCB Design Teams

Innovative Solutions, Precision Engineering

Our two dedicated PCB design and layout teams boast a wealth of experience and expertise. With a focus on innovation and precision engineering, they are instrumental in crafting the backbone of your electronic products. We have specialized teams for high speed signal processing boards, IOT boards with lower power consumption, digital, analog and RF boards.

Firmware & Software Development Teams

Bringing Intelligence to Hardware

Multiple teams of firmware designers stand ready to infuse intelligence into your hardware. Their proficiency in coding and system integration ensures seamless functionality, making your products smarter and more responsive.

Hardware & Software QA Teams

Ensuring Perfection, Every Step of the Way

Two teams of Quality Assurance (QA) engineers are at the forefront of ensuring the highest standards for your product. Rigorous testing protocols and attention to detail guarantee that your solution not only meets but exceeds expectations.

RF, Antenna Design , and Simulation Team

Connecting the Unseen
Our dedicated RF, antenna design, and simulation team specializes in navigating the invisible spectrum. They ensure that your product establishes robust connections, unlocking possibilities that go beyond the surface.

Mechanical and 3D Design Team

Marrying Form with Functionality
The marriage of form and functionality is an art mastered by our mechanical and 3D design team. Their creativity and technical prowess result in products that not only work flawlessly but also captivate with their aesthetic appeal.

Project Management and Seamless Integration, Timely Delivery

By bringing together these specialized teams, we orchestrate a seamless integration of skills and talents to design, test, and deliver your product on time. At Gradient, we don’t just meet deadlines; we exceed expectations!