Winning the Game: Digital Solutions for the Sports Industry

Thanks to digital technology, the sports sector is seeing unprecedented growth, bringing fans closer together through new and personalized experiences. However, you must integrate digital solutions into every business to take advantage of this opportunity, transforming people, processes, and technology.
Gradient Technologies provides hardware and software solutions that assist sportscast companies to improve their content distribution, increase event attendance, and provide sports organizations with tools to confirm athlete identity and performance data.

The Importance of Going Digital for the Sports Industry

Without a doubt, technology has and will continue to disrupt businesses across all industries, profoundly altering both the customer experience and the inner workings of companies.
The sports industry, in particular, is undergoing dramatic change, with digital technology unleashing previously unimaginable growth prospects. However, sports organizations will almost certainly need a digital transformation to exploit such potential properly.
Here are some of the most notable reasons why companies in the sports industry need to go digital and how Gradient can help.

Sports Venue Management

Gradient lets sports venue operators make better staffing and catering decisions, improve the security and efficiency of building management systems, and assess audience demographics and purchasing preferences using real-time and historical attendance data. The following are some of Gradient’s venue management solutions:

  • Data Ingestion, Analytics, and Visualization Systems
  • Digital Signage and Indoor Navigation Solutions, such as sky cams
  • Smart Ticketing, including RFID, biometrics, and more
  • Stadium-wide ERP Applications and Online Booking Systems

Performance Analytics

Gradient develops technology-assisted systems for monitoring vital signs, recording exercises, and analyzing video and sensor data. Gradient’s solutions aid in obtaining real-time analytics on player efficiency and performance, team composition adjustments, and strategy development based on opponents’ weak and strong points. Gradient has expertise in the following areas:

  • BI Dashboards
  • Embedded Sensors, either hardware-specific or fabric-based
  • Native and Cross-platform Mobile Apps
  • Video Data Processing
  • Wearable Technology

Athlete Recovery

Gradient Technologies assists sports teams and physicians in fine-tuning training and recovery schedules based on biometric data collected via embedded sensors and wearable devices. Ultimately, athletes can avoid injuries and recuperate faster by using a data-driven approach to rehabilitation. Gradient’s expertise covers the following areas:

  • Cloud-based Data Storage and Analysis
  • E-textiles and Smart Shoes
  • Fitness Apps synced with IoT Devices
  • Wristwear and Clip-on Sensors

Sports Fan Engagement

Gradient cooperates with stadiums, sports teams, TV channels, and streaming services to engage spectators and amateurs watching broadcasts at home. They also help brands monetize digital content, distribute merchandise, and connect sports fans around the globe. In this context, Gradient’s portfolio features:

  • Commerce/eCommerce solutions
  • Content delivery networks
  • Contextual Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty and Referral Programs
  • Social Networking Portals
  • Video Streaming, either OTT, VoD, or 360°

Why Gradient?

After more than a decade in the industry, Gradient keeps designing and developing products that improve operational efficiency for companies across markets. In the Sports Industry, Gradient gets dedicated to:
Sports organizations must aggregate and process data generated by technology systems such as ERP software, vital signs trackers, and sky cams to transform the way teams run, athletes practice, and fans interact with brands and each other. Gradient is happy to help clients reach this aim by leveraging its hardware, low-level software, and neural network model training experience.
Gradient also adheres to DevOps best practices to break down the barriers between a company’s business, operations, and development teams.
Gradient remains the company of choice for delivering digital solutions, driven by the mission to help companies in the Sports Industry. Simply put, Gradient finds the best way to implement digital sports solutions company-wide, utilize available human and technology resources, automate workflows and keep their IT systems up and running.


The sporting industry gets uniquely positioned to profit as digital change sweeps the business world. With new technologies, the sector has already increased its reach through omnichannel content distribution and consumption.
Consumers can now preview the view from their seat before purchasing a ticket, pre-order meals, and enjoy an immersive experience both inside and outside the stadium.
However, additional obstacles and challenges also emerge as the sports industry expands. Thus, companies must also develop solutions to overcome new problems to give the finest product and services and remain competitive in the sports market.
In this regard, companies should consider partnering with a capable digital transformation enabler to avoid problems and save money. Gradient, your trusted adviser for digital transformation strategy and execution, can help you evolve your organization with services and support.
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