How We Work

Embracing a collaborative approach, we fuel innovation and ensure that the client side stays well-informed at every step. Our commitment to a client-centric process is why countless organizations trust Gradient Technologies for all their technological innovations.

We form an experienced and strategic team to launch your finalized product or service to the market


If your product or service specs are already clearly outlined, we utilize the Waterfall model. This strategic model provides transparency, project documentation, detailed timeline, delivery date, change management processes, and in-depth project reporting. The Waterfall model is ideal when:

For complex and evolving innovations, we assign project managers to create an agile workflow


Agile workflows are ideal when the concept is not clearly defined, further innovations are required, or the project is complex. This strategic approach is designed to support evolving roadmaps, plans, and iterations—with minimal disruption. This includes working within Scrum, Scrumban, and Kanban. The agile workflow is ideal when:

Engagement Models

Gradient Technologies offers 3 distinct engagement models to ensure your needs are met in regards to project objectives, development complexity, and budget.

Fixed Price Model

If your scope of work is confirmed and the project specs and technical requirements are provided—a Fixed Price model is likely your best option. This mode requires your in-house team to perform thorough planning and requirements analysis; requiring less project management on our end. This model ensures:

Time & Materials Model

The Time and Materials model is ideal for a wide range of projects. It works for short and long-term projects, complex projects, and projects that require further consultancy, R&D, innovation, and exploration. The hourly rate is determined dependent upon the required skillset and experience required to complete your project. It also varies by the design resources required to build your project. This model provides:

Dedicated Development Model

Our Dedicated Development model assigns a full-time team to complete your project. This team can be your sole development team, or they can work with your in-house developers. It is ideal for long-term and evolving projects that require maximum flexibility. This model ensures:

Why Gradient ?

Global or Local Collaboration

Gradient’s expert engineers and product development innovators are located in strategic locations around the globe. Whether nearby or afar, we are transparent, responsive, and are only ever a phone call or video meeting away. If you prefer, we can provide you with a localized team in the Atlanta area.

Project Managers

In addition to your Dedicated Development team, each project is assigned a tenured project manager. They are your primary point of contact, and they manage your team’s output and quality on a daily basis to ensure outcomes and efficiency.

Transparent Communication

Beyond our established milestones and delivery dates, we ensure complete transparency in your project's process and advancement. Access our project management software at any time to monitor real-time progress and examine detailed documentation.

Tenured Team

Our tenured team is certified in advanced programming, and they keep their finger on the pulse of ongoing technology innovations with recurring training. They have completed complex and next-generation projects for clients across a wide range of industries. They are dedicated innovators who are eager to design, develop, and deploy your ground-breaking product or service.